Peach blossom gets Angry beauty

Dong Qichang and Qian Qianyi Chu Shui, President of China Popular Literature and Art Research Association This subtitle is interesting.Because dong Qichang, who was born in 1555 and was born in the year of rabbit, and Qian Qianyi, who was born in 1582 and was born in the year of ox, were standardized men rather than women, it would be unfair to compare these two historical celebrities with peach blossoms.Comrade old Chu is not the title party, will not rely on the title to attract attention, everything has the origin, not 㚧 road to: Mr. Mu Zhai “Tian Zhitang set preface” cloud:During the period of the Apocalypse, he once met With Mr. Xuan Zai in Chang ‘an and said that Dong Qichang was able to evacuate Lang, and he had the decency of Wei jin, Northern Song and Southern Song. This statement should be true, honest or credible, at least indicating that they had crossed paths, but the specific impression of Mr. Xuan Zai on Comrade Muzhai is another matter.But old Chu thought: “If Dong Qichang had died eight years later, would Xuan Zaiweng, who was nearly ninety years old, have been consigned to the {Two Ministers’ Biography} as Qian Muzhai had been?”It’s not good to assume.Wild history records Mr. Xuan Zai, lewd and no way, immoral wind, even at strong rob young girls, Yin Yang, it is a typical flower picker is also, or if Beijing Daily a reporter wrote Mr. Wen Huaisha.However, what about the real Mr. Hyun Jae?Food color sex also, the acts of the prodigal son lustful acts, not necessarily than sitting with not disorderly Liu Xianhui more loss for a gentleman, the key is specific problems, specific analysis, seeking truth from facts.Remember Mr Dong qichang for grass cloth XuanZai road flyover – not qing Ming jiangnan famous prostitute Wang Xiuwei the preface to poems with pavilions, is quite significant, with wei yingwu himself, tao yuanming in allusion to the prince, it serves to show for their talent, certainly in sima xiangru ZhuoWenJun of “nagato fu” the naked chanting “yu road flyover grass cloth is a prostitute, feelings are holding Yu Zhen, finally, division and au in nanyue,To escape into the empty door.It is such a talented woman, huang Qichang should be known, but Dong did not like Qian Muzhai na Liu as a concubine, na Cao Yi Taoist Wang Xiuwei as a concubine, indicating that Dong Qichang is not necessarily a disciple of the apprentice son lecherous, and Qian Muzhai is not necessarily not.Chueiyang yard rust shade east Warbler cabinet sticks adjustment before the wind Generally go on well Peach blossom beauty in needling, willow, grass cloth in broken bridge in the east We clear lake, such as the upper hand Xiling kua LiuYin recently Peach blossom beauty – Wang Xiuwei needling Much air also is a peach blossom beauty, poetry and Wang Xiuwei of willow, a poem, is the two mirrors,We can see the different personality of Dong Xuanzai and Qian Muzhai, which is self-evident.—- and children together to write “thousand characters” crane ning children learn calligraphy with me, in the recommendation of “thousand characters”, today, just the coming and going, autumn harvest and winter hide – these eight words.So, want to write to demonstrate, in fact, they may not be able to write, but must catch the duck shelves, must try.In particular, as for “A Thousand Characters”, after 50 years of learning, I really should also step up this lesson, as well as a test to myself.Make a note of your feelings and share them with your children.And the child’s eyes are the most simple, such as with their own different, feedback to their own, and then give a reason, is also a kind of educational benefit to themselves, why not?No 㚧 from today.Winter and summer, refers to the timing, that is, the change of seasons.Harvesting in autumn and hiding in winter is what human beings should do in accordance with the season.What happens when it happens is what happens when it happens, and this happens in most parts of the world.There is only one “Tibet”, which best embodies the characteristics of Chinese culture. It is deeply hidden and implicit. It is quiet and deep, quiet and quiet, and it is not loud and noisy.Here, first to he Ning child demonstration, is the standard writing mode: be sure to write the time, such as today, that is, the 20th day of the first lunar month, not the 20th day of The Gregorian calendar, so as to conform to the Chinese cultural tradition, in addition, remember to write your name.Write your own name, not particularly emphasize yourself, because the time and name, is a complete calligraphy, essential elements, such as a broken arm or less legs, not complete.At the beginning of today, I met these eight words, which are most suitable for the current state of mind.Constant, your, why sleep in the middle of the night.Autumn harvest and winter hide, timely things, good fortune, everything need not demanding, natural days not me, that is, not young.

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