“Return to 70 raise the cub” wake up was forced to go to the countryside when educated youth, three years later with her 2 army baby back to the city

Everybody is good, as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo, thank you for your support and encouragement!To recommend today: “back to soul-rending nature keep zai zai” wake up was forced to the countryside when the educated youth, she returned to the city three years later to take her 2 army # drought # first refused to books: “back to soul-rending nature keep zai zai” introduction: resurrection back to eat and drink pull scatter is difficult in the 70 s, this is not terrible, terrible this one ever seen a book with her villain, the last fall of a die.What had she done to deserve this?Rococo looked at a few mischievous make trouble, everywhere the bear child of trouble, decide to accept fact, use the space supermarket in the hand, reverse life, get rich!What?The rumored husband is back!Into the pit guide: more think more partial, also do not know is she think too concentrate, or god heard her call, just think of the brain, she appeared in the supermarket.’What the devil!Even if Rococo is calm, she says, “Isn’t this her supermarket?”She’s back?With excitement in her heart, she ran wildly through the supermarket, laughing heartily as she ran, and finally she laughed and cried quietly.She found that she did not return to the future, she is now in the home supermarket, a large supermarket in addition to the container filled with dazzling goods, only one of her.More than 8000 square meters of the supermarket is quiet, like being pressed to stop construction, everything stopped operation.With great trepidation, I came to a large freezer and found that the drinks in the freezer were cold. I could take them out, unscrew the lid and take a few sips.Drink to feel in the stomach, this discovery, finally let her mood better, think of his forehead injury, she went to the supermarket drugstore, from inside to find out the injury medicine, seriously give yourself a good medicine.Coming out of the drugstore, spitting out candles, at least in this day and age, with the supermarket, right?Although inexplicable wonderful many children, but at present she can only accept this identity is not?The child mother is really lost, her previous life is really dead, since fate let her come here, become the mistress of the house, that she will certainly study hard.Learn how to be a mom, how to run a home, grow up with a couple of kids, let them grow up in a loving environment.After that, she felt less pain in her head, and now she felt comfortable, having felt heavy before.I also don’t know how to count the time in space, does she go in whole, or only god?She had seen these things in novels before, but she did not know how her space was different from those.Just thought, before the eyes suddenly another flash.Then everything in the outer room fell into her eyes. There was only a bowl of porridge on the kang, but she did not see her body. She looked out of the door and heard no one come in.As soon as she pronounced the word “go out”, she was out again, lying on the kang as before, covered with the quilt. She was delighted to find out where she had got in and where she had got out, and how she got in and how she got out.Then, back and forth to test a few times, finally determined that the space supermarket can be the whole person into, or only god can enter.With the space supermarket, she is confident enough, not afraid of their children will starve to death.When I think of the father, I remember very little of him, except that he was very handsome, very tall, very strong, very manly, but very cold and very silent.Zhao mother and others may not know, why she agreed to marry the father of the child, only she knows, the original Lord is fascinated by the man, although there are other reasons, but this reason is the most important.A village maid is dying of illness and is about to marry a hunter. Everyone is wondering if she will survive the wedding night.Through to the poor backwardness of the small mountain village, three meals a day she recognized, but her new body or half-dead ghost?What’s even weirder is marrying someone who’s dying?In line with curiosity she married, would like to see the loss of the wife, coffin of the unlucky egg is who?Skinny body was his embrace, she wanted to ask one, “husband, cough hand not?”Into the pit guide: Gu Youyou has been cold staring at her, that feeling like a ghost staring at the general, scared her to escape also ran like.She looked at the juice on the table, swallowed and poured it under the bed.Fortunately for a while three aunts Meng shi will come to her to send food.The original owner of this medicine gu Youyou began to drink at the age of seven, has drunk to the age of 17, finally half a year ago to drink to death, and then replaced the family of modern Chinese medicine born Gu Youyou.The second day after she arrived, she found out that the medicine was wrong. The medicine was very tricky, and the other party took it just right, which could hang her life and make her not better. So she deceived the family man and believed in his words.This medicine drink for a long time, will make her body more and more weak, lingering sick bed.From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, she is Yang deficiency, to the vulgar, she is Yin qi.She would have been dead within three years of drinking it, so why did it take so long?He’s a good player. Maybe there’s something else going on here that she doesn’t see.But who on earth would do this to a seven-year-old girl?She was a little girl of dead parents in the countryside. It was not easy to kill her, and why was it worth so much trouble for the other side to play such a long game?To kill her and not let her die?Just then, two aunties and three aunties’ voices came from the front yard. “Ersao, how is it? Did Youyou tell her about this?””Of course, that ghost wench was so happy that she sat up from the bed.”Gu Youyou: “…”She could sit up and walk for a while, but no one else knew it.”Oh, she can sit up?She couldn’t sit up two years ago.”Two aunts Huang shi pei 1, way: “isn’t it, this ghost wench so many years also deathless, this listen to want to get married, the whole person all spirit.I think I might be able to jump on my own in three days.”(Click the following link to read the novel.)In the village bully Zhou Jingchuan, recently on a young girl Is the daughter of the village head changs the sister-in-law home, the young girl, long and slim figure, look unripe brightness, got his heart itch all day, I want to marry home be daughter-in-law Zhou Jingchuan bully of a landlord’s grandchildren, home poor, early years was approved, the family and the death of death fled, nor a brother assist,More important is reputation bad serious somebody else who look on he ah Zhou Jingchuan does a loss recruit, got a daughter-in-law Qin Yu reborn, reborn to her by uncle bet to lose zhou Jingchuan when daughter-in-law…This time, but she doesn’t want to escape, who is she to don’t want to live a life with Zhou Jingchuan, hard, for a day for a land, for myself, finally didn’t a good end She always hated Zhou Jingchuan, but in the past when she died, with her body, crying like a child Morri feel, oneself shangbeizi owe Zhou Jingchuan, in this life, with their compensation to him!Guide into the pit: he was direct, not ashamed, staring at the big girl asked so straightforward.Looking at Zhou Jingchuan, Qin Yu suddenly remembered the time when she had been doted on by Zhou Jingchuan.She was afraid of cold in winter, so Zhou drew hot water, soaked her feet and pressed the soles of her feet.She just kicked the water over, kicked him in the chest, called him cheap, a big man to a woman, is that worth it?But in the feelings, who likes more, who is humble, willing to bend all.Qin Yu at that time did not understand.She has experienced a lot in the past life, and now she understands that when he loves you, he can really give you all his heart and lungs.Her purse mouth, round big almond eyes, with a smile, slightly narrowed, so light smile light and looked at Zhou Jingchuan.She said, Zhou Jingchuan, long time no see!Zhou Jingchuan immediately froze in situ.Qin Yu was smiling, smiling at him, smiling so clean and pure, like a flower fairy.At the same time, he was thinking, she’s a pretty girl.Especially the way she squints at people’s smiles. It’s fucking hot.He wanted to marry her now and put her on his bed.No, to pet, hurt, caress…”Zhou Jingchuan, I say hello to you, how wear, not say to marry me, zha now see me, don’t want to take with me?””She asked deliberately.”No.”He did not want to talk to Qin Yu.He saw the day on the wall of his own, looking at the little girl in the courtyard of the Zhang family, thinking every day, such a beautiful girl, can not be spoiled by other men.If he wants to come, he has to visit Jingchuan.Bah, if Qin Yu knows, this old man is thinking about himself all the time, can not scold him a few stinky rascal.But now, she really has her eye on this scumbag.”Well, don’t invite me to your house?I want to talk to you.”When she said this, Zhou jingchuan opened the door and saw Qin Yu walk in with dignity and dignity like a hostess.His heart was happy, too.Nice girl. That’s taking him seriously.Entering the courtyard, Qin Yu did not go in. She was a unmarried girl and could not go directly into the man’s room. She sat on a stool under a jujube tree in the courtyard.”Chow Kyung-chuan, I want to talk to you….””You say, I’m listening….”Zhou jingchuan also sat down, but he was carrying something in his hand, obviously on his way out.But this is not for Qin Yu.(Click on the following link to read the novel) Well, these are small make up today with you to understand the content, in see these, you have in the heart of the creation of their favorite works?Well, if you have anything to say, feel free to comment in the comments below.Past wonderful content review: “Rebirth of power crazy wife” she stood up in the military compound with a pregnant belly woke up, into the colonel’s power wife “Old love comes” “I first love pregnant, your children can not stay!”He kicked her belly “Space in hand, husband I have” she held the space through the dynasty, the edge of the field to raise her husband “Space rebirth: Tiannv bad when” reborn in the thatched hut, she became a space pot-belted military sister-in-law!She dresses up as a peasant woman, brings her own gold finger, and carries steamed buns into the space to eat and drink

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