They are 184 years old (Essay)

On the afternoon of the second day of the first lunar month, I drove my 92-year-old mother-in-law to visit my 92-year-old aunt. When I saw the two silver-haired elderly people talking happily and recalling old memories together, they were so sincere and friendly, which really touched me a little.Two old ladies, the most important people in my life.They are not only my relatives, but also my benefactor. They are the people who have helped me with great maternal love. I have learned many things from them that I have never learned from books.They were both born in 1931, during the war, and they were both poor people.For a variety of reasons, they have gone through many difficult roads that we can hardly imagine and experienced many different twists and turns in life.Longevity and health are their common characteristics, and there is their common secret of longevity: I think the secret is kindness, generosity, sacrifice and hard work.Speaking of their kindness: although the circumstances are different, being kind to others, friends and relatives, and neighbors is what they all have in common.Take my aunt for example. Her kindness can be seen from her more than sixty years of sisterly association with my mother. She treated her children, nephews and nephews as if they were already out of the way, and showed sincere care and care in every possible way.Talking about their open-minded and willing to give up, especially in difficult times in the past life, each family has four or five children, family is not rich, they very frugal life, particularly hard on yourself, on the other hand is particularly generous, for a variety of reasons for a never spares into difficult relatives, their kindness into take care and help.Speaking of work, it is an example for today’s young people to learn.In my memory, when my aunt was in her eighties, she still cooked by herself. Later, due to health reasons and memory decline, several Cousins who were especially attentive to her did not allow her to work.By comparison, my mother-in-law is in better health. She is 92 years old, but she has some back ears, no flowers in her eyes and no pain in her legs. She lives by herself completely.It is often said that an old man in a family is better than a treasure.I looked at the two old people’s passionate dialogue, affectionate memories and feelings about life, life, as if suddenly understand a lot: we often say that money is not born with, not with death, contentment is happiness, health is a blessing, but in real life, most of us are difficult to free from vulgarity, often by fame and wealth fetters.Actually, want to want to live a long time is need exercise, keeping in good health, but the key or the yangxin, still want to have a good state of mind, to be kind, be magnanimous, don’t care about don’t tangle, to be an altruistic mercy heart and heart a soft, giving to others, my heart is happiness, and fulfillment, self-restraint up her good-natured, accumulated his virtue and merit.It’s a real pleasure to have two 90-year-olds talking, chatting and making small talk.Their communication was not hindered by the fact that her aunt, owing to her health, often made careless remarks and even jokes.After all, they have been friends for 64 years, having met in 1956.I listened carefully to their countless stories, studied their conversation, and was lost in thought.

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