“World Memory master” Zheng Caiqian: can count the opponent’s face when playing cards, casinos banned him

In this era of education as the stepping stone, people hope that they can have photographic memory when they go to school. Some people even have poor memory, such as reciting a simple text or some words for many times, but there are some people who are born with super memory.Mi was mi in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, when Xiao Tong in the Southern Dynasty (960 AD), Liu Kezhuang in the Song Dynasty (960 AD), or mi in the late Eastern Han Dynasty (960 AD).Let people envy these people strong memory, contemporary China has such a known as the “master of memory of the world”, he has a very high talent in memory, and relying on the superb memory he in the casino win money very easy, and even many casinos banning him inside, he is the world to remember “masters” – Zheng Cai thousands.The cultivation of super memory for the development and utilization of the brain, has been a topic of research, and with the rapid development of science and technology, people are seeking more efficient memory methods and skills, so that super memory can serve us.Take Zheng Caiqian for example, he was born in 1989 and showed super memory ability at a very young age. Usually, other children need a long time to learn and memorize knowledge, but he can master it in a very short time.When he took part in the 19th World Brain Championship, he won the first place in many events. His super memory was partly due to his superb talent and partly due to his own continuous efforts.Zheng’s talent is mainly shown in three aspects. The first is his super insight. Zheng can distinguish some special things, such as bar codes.The second is the function of fast calculation, in fact, that is his agility of thinking.Finally, pixel eye, which is commonly used to detect color blindness, has a keen sense of similar things and can quickly judge the subtle differences between various colors in the eyes of ordinary people.Of course, in addition to these superb talents, he also worked very hard on the training of his memory.In the normal state of life out of an hour of time even training reciting ability, after reciting also need to memorize their recited content.Talent and hard work are the result of Zheng’s current ability. When he appeared on the Show “The Brain,” Zheng could remember hundreds of disorderly numbers by looking at them once.Zheng’s ability to win money He also became a master poker player with his memory, which allowed him to count out his opponents’ cards over a period of time.With skills like that, why bother getting ahead?And for people in those days, the fastest place to make money was a casino, so Zheng left immediately for Macau.To there after the first is to understand the rules of the casino, and the people in the casino to see Zheng Caiqian is new, think that this person estimated no ability, came here can only be slaughtered, so did not put him in the eye.Soon the gambling began, Zheng Caiqian with his super memory, after observing the gambling table for a while, he knew his own and even the opposite, or even the next card, had such ability, even if it could not make a lot of money, at least he could guarantee that he would not lose.After playing for a period of time, Zheng CAI Qian is also at ease in the casino.After familiar with zheng Caiqian basically every gambling, can ensure that they win money.So he moved on to the lucrative tables and became the king of casinos in his own right.Such unscrupulous victory, zheng CAI Qian soon won 600,000 yuan of money, but it also attracted the attention of others, especially the casino, after he repeatedly won money, the casino sent people to check him, and did not find anything cheating.At first, the casino didn’t find any evidence of zheng’s cheating and let him stay in the casino, but zheng won so much that the casino banned him outright.Perhaps such a ban is not a bad thing for Zheng. There are no permanent winners in casinos, and such luck and skill to make money is not a long-term solution after all.How many people lost their wives to gamble for money, and how many people can really rely on gambling to become rich.Zheng Caiqian has such excellent memory and reaction ability that he can get what he wants by doing normal work.There is no denying that Zheng has talent and efforts that ordinary people do not have, but only by using his skills in the right way can he be considered worthy of his efforts.For Zheng caiqian, gambling may be easier than eating. It is hard for ordinary people to experience the hard work behind his ability to train.Talent + diligence + opportunity can usher in success, and the only thing we can control is diligence, for us ordinary people are the same, through their own efforts and diligence to get what they want is the right way.Summary: Bao Jianfeng from honed out, plum blossom incense from the bitter cold.In the face of these god-given talent, talent many people can only see their surface scenery, but they do not know how much effort these people say genius behind.Indeed, Zheng Caiqian is a super memory talent, but the acquired training also has a very important role.While we understand his brilliant talent, we should also see the bitterness and sweat paid behind this “memory master”. We should also learn from the hard work and struggle behind zheng Caiqian’s fame and fortune.From his experience, we can also see how important a strong logical thinking and computing ability is to a person’s development, and we need to think about how to use appropriate means to train this ability in life.

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