Douyu Qiaomei started again, the new platform of the first show declared “failure”, did not get the dance live rights

Former Douyu dance anchor Qiao Mei finally ushered in her first live show on the new platform after leaving douyu.Qiao-mei said earlier that she no longer wanted to “dance the whole thing”, but this time she is still a female dance anchor on the new platform.In fact, qiaomei’s official debut before the pilot has been conducted, its live popularity for female dance anchor can also be considered.In fact, the female anchor of short video platform has been very fierce, and it is not easy to stand out.However, as a well-known former douyu anchor, many netizens and fans are curious about how far Qiao’s debut will go.After Qiaomei started broadcasting, most of the fans who discussed in the studio were actually qiaomei’s old fans, and many fans bluntly came from Douyu.Since the debut was also Jo’s birthday show, she had plenty of perks in store for her fans.And the fans most urgently want to see as a dance anchor Qiaomei dance debut in the new platform, who knows because of the negligence of management Qiaomei did not get the rights to live dance.As a result, Qiao’s live debut was “bland” and didn’t have a high point. It didn’t even feel like a debut.Qiao said she won’t be allowed to dance until Monday or Wednesday at the earliest.That’s why she’s yelling at her management for not getting me the dance rights to make my debut.On the day of qiaomei’s debut show, she interacted with many well-known anchors, during which even Mai was also the little ear of dance goddess.Small ears from YY live, and Qiao-mei are also job-hopping over, it seems that Qiao-mei and small ears are already known.So are the two dance goddesses now in the same guild?I think Jo was a little unprepared for her debut, too, because it’s not a debut when a dance host can’t dance.Therefore, Qiao-mei also laughed at herself and naturally turned her debut show into “not the first show”. What is a live broadcast when a female dance host cannot dance?However, there are still many fans of qiao-mei’s debut show, and the number of fans has reached thousands.The debut show “failed” to celebrate her birthday, as Jo accidentally got cream in her hair during the birthday cake segment.Due to the inability to dance, this “debut show” or some regret, so after opening the dance live permission, Qiao Mei will be the whole “debut dance show”.

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