East peninsula 260 m squared, contemporary and contracted | met Pandora, beauty

Through the aperture of time light and shadow intertwined intertwined intertwined intertwined like in the outline of the poetic space and fireworks and like in mapping the inner feelings and yearning to design a romantic chapter of life to meet the beauty of the heart of PandoraIt extends the spiritual imagination, brings a kind of relaxation after arriving home, so that people get the sense of belonging after arriving home.The soothing texture of marble, the wood veneer and the small landscape of green plants make the designer calm the inner turbulence of life with natural comfort.Calm lamplight, halo yellow diffuses bottom of the heart, dispersing the last trace of fatigue in the innermost part of the heart, let the life return to its true.Ten years ago, on this day, ten years ago, ten years ago, ten years ago, ten years ago, ten years ago, ten years ago, ten years ago, ten years ago, ten years ago, ten years ago.The natural light in the sitting room space that connect fully overlaves drifts, be like invisible brush, draw the outline of the meaning that gives a space calm, freedom accumulate.The integration of design and nature, designers with unique techniques, the pursuit of the pure space itself, make life more comfortable and free, but also more taste and style.The depth of the TV background wall is as long as 8 meters, creating a sense of extension of space, but also respecting the structure of the building itself.The collision between the shape of stone and the texture of artistic lacquer makes the space dynamic and active, but not grandiose.In the hustle and bustle of the city, also does not hinder the heart of the owners of simple and simple beauty of slow life pursuit and yearning.In The contrast of light and shadow, The natural texture of wood holds The poetry and warmth of life.In the dining room, the round table for 8 people is enclosed by the wall battlements on all sides, increasing the enclosed feeling of the space. The main lights of the black dining room and the wall lights around highlight the ceremonial feeling of the meal.The large island of the kitchen connects the relationship between the kitchen and the dining room well, and also increases the social nature of the kitchen function.Together with nature, we can get a release of our heart in the quiet space by whispering softly with the early Yang and whispering with the evening clouds.Life is a long practice, to meet the needs of the heart, is the best feedback to contemporary life.A dark table and table in the teahouse, curved and straight, arc and bend Angle, under the light and shadow, extend the quiet artistic beauty and profound cultural heritage, the whole space not only meets the function, but also has the formal beauty.The color scheme of the master bedroom -Bring a warm protection-NO.5 gives the space a sense of stability, and the designer expects to improve the user’s sleep comfort at night through the design.Natural green, let quiet and comfortable fill every corner of the space, the head of a chandelier, light and shadow in different materials overlapping drift, rich space interface, sending out gentle and beautiful, but also for the heart brought a warm guardian.Compared to complex design, simple design explores the meaning of life in a more time-tested way.Simple tonal, simple furnishings, inner monologue in the halo yellow light is enriching the interior space, guiding the inner emotional expression, so that the word order of the space can imagine the wonderful future in the pink romance, put the present tired.Industry qualification: 10 years in the industry, Designer of China Interior Decoration Association, 2012, won the title of “Excellent Designer” of China Interior Decoration Association, 2013, won the Beijing new Designer, “Foal Eagle award”, 2015, won the Silver award of Shanghai soft outfit color Design concept:Life can bring us good design is convenient, safe, comfortable and healthy are behind every design thinking of “human nature” not only do you think the design is more close to the user scene found the problem to dig more meaningful design service case: the royal garden, ocean hong county, zhongxing red lu, the court, the western suburbs of Ann, the saint villa shu peninsula in the east suburb of green space in Manhattan, and so on

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