Jeju island says it will cancel the visa-free policy for Chinese tourists

China is now the world s second largest economy, and many countries want to have friendly relations with China. Some countries even offer visa-free access to China to attract Chinese tourists.I support the cancellation of the visa-free policy for Chinese tourists. I regret the cancellation of the visa-free policy at this time when the economy of Jeju Island is declining due to the arrival of the epidemic.Jeju propaganda: cancel for Chinese tourists visa-free policy visa-free policy is indeed attract foreign tourists to a good place to in the economic underdeveloped countries visa-free policy can attract a large number of foreign tourists to go to consumption, it can bring a lot of economic for its trade, and China is the world’s most populous country, domestic tourism lovers can also very much.Every year many tourists go to scenic surrounding countries, among them, the South Korea jeju island is a good place for a holiday, at first, South Korea in order to bring economic benefits to welcome foreign visitors, and opens up the visa to China, and it also makes the country’s economy has gone up a lot of, but then, is not willing to, South Korea, jeju island began to shout: cancel the tourists visa-free policy towards China.Why was the visa-free policy abolished?Why did South Korea’s Jeju Island choose to cancel the visa-free policy for China?After all Chinese this big cake, no matter which country you want to attract, but in fact, discovered scenic jeju local living people, and many parts of the rubbish place, graffito of the scribble and phenomenon is very much also, jeju people will all these fault is on the Chinese tourists, so he shouted cancelled South Korea visa-free policy.Conclusion jeju visa-free policy cancelled after, to South Korea local impact is bigger, because many visitors tickets purchased the jeju island, because not visa-free have also canceled the trip, which makes the Chinese tourists on the jeju less and less, then, again, because of the outbreak, visitors are often reduced, economic downturn, at this time,Jeju regrets scrapping its visa-free policy with China again.

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