With all due respect, Danshari is really not suitable for Chinese families

Before thinking of going to the supermarket to purchase a wave, did not think of the supermarket shopping cart have to queue to get, have to boast that our purchasing power is really strong!The year is almost over, but the fridge is still full, and even if the shops are not open, I have enough food to get me through the holidays.Taking advantage of this time, I would like to talk with you about hoarding this topic!Should we stock up during the epidemic?According to what?What up?One time and we speak clearly, the end of the article with a home version of the stock list, need to take oh.Fancy hoarding goods hoarding goods is not actually popular these two years of new, like the northern winter, a few decades ago there was the habit of hoarding vegetables, there was a cellar to store all kinds of radish, cabbage.Now there is a refrigerator, hoarding more completely, fruits and vegetables, snacks, piles of piles to buy home.Of course, hoarding is not just a hobby of the Chinese people. In 2020, when the epidemic hit hard, it was not uncommon to see European and American countries stocking up on toilet paper and disinfectant, just for peace of mind.For young people, stock up is a way to save money during the June 18 and November 11 campaigns, with three items 20% off and full 199-100…I can’t help it when I see the discount.But such stockpiling often leads to “buying at the moment and using at the crematorium”.Some bought a pile of not used to give people, some can be used to the everlasting series, second-hand platform transfer at a low price.The majority of hoarders become: obviously in order to save money and hoard, finally made physical and mental exhaustion, silently set a flag: never hoard in the New Year!Moderate hoarding, degree of where?In fact, rational and appropriate hoarding can avoid the above problems.The so-called moderation, in fact, is what to store, store the problem of how much.Ask yourself three times before buying: “Do I really need it?How many?Can I use it all?”Remember: hoarding without purpose and measurement will only increase anxiety.In addition to their own three even ask, before hoarding goods, but also to the following three points have a clear understanding.1. Not just because the price is low: What drives me to buy is not because it’s on sale, or because the price is low, or even because it’s on sale, but because I need it and it’s on sale.2. Clear storage space: make clear the storage space of your own before storing goods first, how much can be installed, what can be installed, with the limitation of receiving space, also set the total amount of all stored goods.3. Give priority to long shelf life: such as batteries, drugs, compressed biscuits, which are not good and not commonly used, update frequency is slow, you can choose the same products with two or even three years shelf life.For some of the shorter shelf life of food or daily necessities, might as well be used up when the purchase, to avoid expired waste.What up?How to store?Food is the most basic rice, flour, grain, oil and drinking water. In addition, considering the protein required by the body, some lunch meat, frozen meat, dehydrated vegetables, eggs and so on can be properly stored.If you don’t cook often or if you don’t know how to cook, you can stock up on self-heating, instant products that are easy to use and can be changed occasionally.If Bobby wants to be a bit more abundant and stock up on fresh vegetables and fruits, he needs to pay more attention to the date.Like green leafy vegetables, the shelf life is about 3 days;Root vegetables such as potatoes, Onions and yams can be stored at room temperature for more than a week and are better stockpiled than leafy greens.Fruit options include apples, pears, and dragon fruits that are durable and can be stored in the freezer for more than a week.Food kind of main reference food shelf life, according to the number of people in the home to decide the number of pre-storage.Renew your food cycle weekly or monthly.Daily necessities, such as toilet paper, kitchen paper towels, sanitary napkins, laundry detergent, shampoo and other daily necessities, are often the biggest hoarders. They can be stockpiled every six months.Generally, it is enough to stay on 618 and Double 11, and there is no need to waste effort on selection during each activity.Make sure you know your consumption rate before shopping.For example, a bottle of 750ml body wash can be used by one person for about half a year. In this case, it is enough to buy a bottle during the activity.Buy too much, but easy to cause wasteful use.If you are a partner in the south, you should also consider the impact of the weather. It is not recommended to store too much toilet paper and sanitary napkins to avoid being too wet and moldy.And the store content space that should consider clearly oneself before undertaking batch is bought is sufficient, because hoard goods and derivative receive trouble outweighs the loss.Real people followed by families with children, can store some diapers, milk powder, baby food supplies.Families with pets can choose according to the needs of their owners, such as cat litter, cat food, dog food, pet cans and so on.It is not recommended to store too much at one time to avoid waste caused by taste changes.Emergency supplies masks are now almost impossible to get around without.It is recommended that families reserve more masks for at least half a month, and appropriately store a certain amount of higher-level masks such as N95 and KN95 for emergencies.In addition to face masks, alcohol-based disinfection products, medical kits are also essential at home.For example, the gauze, bandage, cotton swab and iodine needed for wound dressing.There are some common cold medicine, stomach medicine, anti-inflammatory medicine;As well as medication for chronic diseases, there should also be sufficient dose, such as antihypertensive, hypoglycemic drugs.Emergency supplies such as batteries, flashlights, lighters and candles should also be properly stored and checked and updated at least once a year.High-priced durable goods in addition to the above common stock list, mask, skin care products, cosmetics, electronic products such products are also worthy of appropriate stock.It’s been a year, and it smells good to chop your hands off.However, warm tips, buy in advance to consider their use frequency, especially the beauty makeup class, very little every day, if you do not often make up, do not store more, into cheap – buy more – idle strange cycle is the cart before the horse.In order to avoid waste of expiration, you can use small labels to indicate the expiration time in advance, and then set the use date according to the expiration time, put the shelf life back, the time is short, and the date is arranged from old to new.There are also some friends who use a table to record the consumption of household necessities, which is methodical and accurate, but it is not easy to stick to it. We recommend a simpler way to record.Recommendations for food products are monthly cycle, product update flow.For example, basic stock of rice, flour, grain and oil can be purchased if the rice at home is only enough to eat for a month.Or according to the model of inventory turnover, first in, first out, consumption of stock items.This can greatly reduce the phenomenon of waste due to expiration, but also urge their timely use, to avoid wasteful use of psychology.In the past, when it came to hoarding, many friends mentioned tanshari and minimalism, as if they were incompatible with each other.But after a while of hoarding, I think sometimes hoarding can be minimal.For the difficulty in choosing, every time online shopping is a double torture of math and game learning. It takes a lot of time and energy to make up an order, reduce the quantity and compare the prices.Buy once every six months and buy many times a month, definitely choose the former without hesitation.In addition, like shampoo, skin care products, makeup remover, paper towels and other items you just need, choose your own regular brands when stocking up, and don’t worry about the emergency products you buy temporarily.As soon as you use it, you don’t have to worry about when you run out of things and when you should buy them every day, which saves a lot of trouble and anxiety.In fact, breaking away or hoarding is just a way of life. It is our thinking about people and things. It has nothing to do with good or bad, and there is no need to do it deliberately.The hoarding we advocate is a rational purchase based on demand. In fact, it is also a re-examination of the relationship between people and goods.Please share your lifestyle in the comments section. 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