American media simulated all-star draft!Lebron James picks Giannis antetokounmpo, Dust-shao joins Curry, Harden gets left out

Less than three days from February 7, Beijing time, the all-star team selection segment will be televised nationwide.Lebron James and Kevin Durant will be captains of the East and West Division again after last year, choosing their teammates to compete against each other.Bleacher Report wrote a long article that simulated an All-Star draft and predicted which teammates the two captains would choose in the draft.Because James is the leading ticket seller, he will have a head start in choosing starters.Durant can be in the selection of reserve players, with the right to choose first.BR expects James to go with Giannis Antetokounmpo, James’ first choice last year.Many of this year’s starters are listed as first-team players, but Giannis antetokounmpo is arguably the best of the bunch.Giannis antetokounmpo was the all-star game MVP last year, scoring 35 points on 16 shooting, and the combination of antetokounmpo and Lebron James would be a nightmare for any defensive player.Giannis antetokounmpo is up for MVP and Defensive Player of the Year again, and there’s no reason James won’t pick him again.The first choice on Durant’s side, BR said, would be Curry.Curry is a classic All-Star. He has great range on the court. He can play a great pick-and-roll with any player.What’s more, he and Durant are familiar with each other, having played together for three years and won two championships.With no other options available to Durant, Curry will inevitably be his first choice.BR said James’ second choice would be Morant.Taken as a whole, though, Jokic certainly has a higher priority than Morant.But picking Morant would allow James to get Embiid in the next round, which would be a good choice.On second thought, BRS said Morante would be a good second choice for James, especially since he’s been playing so hard this season that James can trust him.Durant’s no. 2 choice would be Jokic.Embiid is James’ third choice, trae Young is Durant’s third choice.Demar derozan is James’ fourth choice, and Wiggins should be on Durant’s team.When it comes to bench selection, BR thinks Durant, with the first-mover power, will go with Paul.Paul is known as a master of ball handling, leading the league in assists in clutch situations, while also contributing deadly midrange shots and shooting 65.2 percent from the paint.If Durant gets Paul, it will be a huge headache for Lebron’s team.BR said James would pick Doncic on the opposing team.Doncic is arguably the best option off the bench, having been a starter the past two years.It’s a shame curry’s popularity and morante’s incredible play have pushed him out of the starting lineup this year.His playmaking talent could help lebron take a lot of the pressure.Durant’s second choice is Jimmy Butler, and Butler’s defensive skills will help durant’s team improve.James’ second choice is Booker, and breaking up the league-leading team was a smart move when the other team had Paul.Durant’s third choice is lavine, who has the ability to play in an All-Star game.James’ third choice is Gobert, who is the most defensive player of all and has excellent rim protection.Durant’s fourth choice is Tatum, and James’s fourth choice is Garland.Vanvleet was Durant’s fifth choice and Towns was James’ fifth choice.Durant’s sixth choice was Harden. Never thought Harden would get drafted here.BR said Harden’s slump this season has been so severe, it’s been like a roller coaster without a seat belt.Durant, as his teammate, knew exactly where he was supposed to be, so this game should be played to his liking, and Harden was snubbed.James’ sixth choice was Mitchell.Durant’s final choice is his old teammate Draymond Green, and Middleton will automatically be on James’ team.According to the BR prediction, the final list will be: durant team starting: Kevin durant, garage, jochebed, durant, trevor – Yang, wiggins team subs: Paul, Jimmy butler, lavin, tatooine’s, van Foley, James harden, pursue green team starting: lebron James, the elder brother of the letters, moran, grace than Germany, demar derozan James subs:Doncic, Booker, Gobert, Garland, Towns, Mitchell and Middleton, of course, are all BR’s predictions, but the list is subject to the two of them being broadcast live in the United States on Feb. 10.In particular, there are injuries among the above players, so the list of players is expected to be further adjusted.What would you say to that?Feel free to express your opinions in the comments section.(Text/Yuwen Basketball)

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