Napoli away to catch weak brigade, good time to chase points

Napoli on the road, good time to chase points 2-6 Serie A 22:00 Venice – Napoli on the roadNapoli win, after internazionale in the footsteps of today’s wars over the weekend, still over five league is back, around ten o ‘clock in the evening the combination of serie a and ligue 1 became the mainstream of today’s events, but also bring a special today napoli defeat in Venice, promoted, the game for napoli and catch the good opportunity,If you can win you can match the gap between AC and inter also came to a point, the following simple do before the analysis of the current championship Venice 22 games of the season 18 points, fourth in the league, and the third from bottom cagliari also only 1 point lead, avoid relegation pressure is still not small, and the ability to attack the weakest of the three team this season including Venice,Be averaged less than a team goals, the penultimate league offensive ability, performance is still bad, in defense is averaging two grain of goals defensive ability is downstream of the league level, the overall efficiency of offensive and defensive to see fourth in the league, compare the performance of the downturn and napoli team for serie a’s attack ability to be more difficult, the season is still a strong attack,Has also placed third in the league position, less round Naples AC three points, if smoothly to win this game can be formed to inter, AC milan, Naples three-horse race, subsequent schedule will be more heated, so the game fighting spirit in Naples absolutely full, at the same time this season napoli top-four the attack ability,Overall defensive efficiency league first, 23 games 16 inter milan and Juventus lost the ball power voltage, became the best defensive team this season, the attacking efficiency value has become the league’s second, the overall is still very obvious advantages, from the shape of the two teams, recently is Naples occupies a strong advantage, of Naples, five games recently three wins and two draws,Two zero sealing, 10 goals still maintained a averaging 2 + goals, four lost the ball’s defensive ability is still slowly but surely, and back to see the home team 1 4 negative Venice last five games, has lost the ball 5 games in a row, but five games lost the ball in total number has reached the 11, defence still hidden danger is larger, at the same time offer only three goals in five games,In contrast, Naples attack and defense on both sides is almost the existence of crushing, the game is not much suspense, still optimistic about Naples more than two goals to win the game comprehensive view: Naples smoothly win, rushed to the top two league

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