Red pilot, Weihai manufacturing “tailored” for the Winter Olympics

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 4, a splash of “Chinese red” shocked the world.Wearing “Made in Weihai”, 387 Chinese Olympic athletes appeared in front of the world’s cameras, showing the elegant elegance of China.This is the third time for Dishang Group to “make an appearance” at major state events, following the 70th anniversary celebration of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2019 and the 100th anniversary congress of the Founding of the Communist Party of China in 2021.Behind the highlight moment, cannot leave the “red engine” function.With the pace of reform and opening up, dishang Group has become a well-known “server” in the whole supply chain of the international garment industry in less than 30 years, from “sample processing” to “tailoring clothes” for the Winter Olympics, from “earning sweat money” to “eating science and technology”.The development of Dishang Group is inseparable from the “red engine” function of the Party organization.From receiving the task of dress r & D and manufacturing to completing the task with high standard, Dishang only took 80 days to build the branch in the industry.Such professional and efficient, is the integrated strength of Dishang “the branch is built in the front line of production and management, built in the industrial chain”.In November last year, after receiving the task of making dresses for the 387 Olympic athletes of the Chinese sports delegation, the Party committee of the group responded quickly and transferred more than 40 top technology and technical personnel, led by the party cadres, into the research and development and production work.After 3 times of plan adjustment, more than 10 details and accessories adjustment, and more than 100 sample clothes modification, nearly 80 days and nights of hard work, the final dress with bright colors and capable shape, which can show the unique passion and temperament of China, was produced.In order to complete the task in high standard, Di Shang also established a “special production line for the Winter Olympics”, the majority of workers to work hard, the original 30 days of production cycle shortened to 12 days.”Celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China in 2019, or 2020, 100th anniversary of the founding conference of the communist party of China apparel production tasks, di is group insists on a branch was built in the first line of production and business operation, built on the industrial chain, make party committee called for the decision, the first time through the organization to the basic-level party branch and every party member, to form a powerful execution.”Dishang Group Deputy secretary of the Party Committee, deputy general manager Zhang Chengyu said.Now, dishang Group has 10 party branches and 289 party members. Under the guidance of the Party construction, the majority of cadres and staff burst out a strong sense of ownership and dedication to “roll up sleeves and work hard”.When the epidemic broke out in early 2020 and medical protective materials were in short supply across the country, Dishang Group responded to the call of the Party and the country by joining the party, branch and party members in the production line of “anti-epidemic” and set up a protective clothing factory 24 hours a day to put into operation, ensuring the smooth completion of the task of national protective clothing allocation.After 30 years of development, di is group will party construction and the mechanism of “credibility, fairness, and pragmatic” enterprise culture fusion depth, in practice, to create “red pilot” party building brand, promote the development of enterprise, high quality, has won more than 100 countries and regions in the world, more than 500 clothing brands of the support and trust, driving the development of upstream and downstream industries and 200000 jobs.The Party Committee of the group has won honorary titles such as “National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” and “Shandong Advanced Grassroots Party Organization”, and has entered the top ten of China’s top 100 garment industry enterprises for many years.The dress presented this time is truly “made in Weihai” : the whole set of clothing is completed by Dishang Group from the research and development of raw materials to the production of the version, and then to the production of large goods in the later stage.Behind the stunning visual effect, reflects the political responsibility of the Party Committee of the group, shows the breakthrough of the whole chain of technological production, and highlights the “red power” of the fashion and leisure sports product industrial cluster in our city.In this Winter Olympics, Di Shang used a lot of advanced technology and advanced ideas for innovative design.The 387 members of the Olympic team will be dressed individually and individually by Duchamp.However, it is difficult to collect personal body data due to closed training of many athletes and the epidemic situation. In this situation, Dishang Group adopted cloud data collection technology for the first time, and technicians completed body data collection and transmission successfully through remote guidance of mobile phone App.In the body model database, each athlete has hundreds of customized indicators, accurate to the millimeter.Zhang Chengyu introduced that in the years of development, the Party Committee of Dishang Group insisted on organic integration of party building, innovation and development, and scientific and technological breakthroughs. The backbone of party members took the lead to drive the group to carry out technology and product transformation and upgrading, and wad a new way in the transformation and development of the traditional textile and garment industry.Today, there are 12 innovation studios represented by young Party members in Dishang Group. They devote themselves to technological innovation such as 3D Digital Design, surface and auxiliary materials development, industrial Internet and Internet of Things, and put forward the new concept of “DDM — Digital Design Manufacturer Digital Design and Manufacturing”.It has established a design, research and development and international trade talent team of more than 1600 people, deeply integrated global resources, and built a public service platform of Dishang Fashion Design Innovation Center.With the support of the platform, customers choose clothing styles, measure customer clothing sizes, 3D modeling, matching of clothing and accessories, customer data storage and visualization of smart wardrobe…It only takes 3 to 4 days from sample production to final confirmation, which greatly improves efficiency and business volume.As Zhu Lihua, party secretary of Dishang Group, said, “For Dishang, innovation is not a choice, but a required answer.”Now, with the 387 winter Olympic Games Olympic athletes make dress task to complete, di is group party committee to explore industrial Internet thinking, relying on the party construction of industry chain concept, create an innovative design and intelligent manufacturing integration of textile and garment industry chain platform, through the perfect “party communion, service sharing and information sharing, commercial GongYi, common position, talent produced” working mechanism,To achieve collaborative innovation and common development of all upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain through this platform.”In the future, we will continue to overcome difficult, innovative, push from the non-public enterprises party construction to party construction of industry chain, coagulation hearts meet force to open the new journey, unity is strength to create new achievements, efforts to achieve” build enterprise party construction new fashion, by the high quality of the party leading the fashion and leisure sports industry cluster development of high quality products, constantly to ring the Chinese brand in the international industry.”Zhang chengyu said.(Hi Weihai client reporter Zhang Meng/correspondent Xu Yi Dishang Group photo)

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