2-0 to 5-1!Paris explosion, a nine-year record, 160 million star MVP, helped Lionel Messi to the first title

This season, Paris, under pochettino, have played on multiple fronts, so far only the league.Paris had been knocked out of the Champions League by Real Madrid.Back in Ligue 1, they were thrashed 3-0 by Monaco.Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar all scored to help Paris defend their home ground against Lorient in the 30th round.Paris took an early 2-0 lead before Lorient pulled one back in the second half and the Ligue 1 giants scored three more goals to seal a 5-1 victory.As a result, Paris accumulated 68 points, firmly at the top of the table and within reach of the title.Messi will also win his first Ligue 1 title in Paris.Paris versus Lorient, in terms of team value, absolute advantage, the Ligue 1 giants sent 647 million euros of starting, Messi, Mbappe partner up front, neymar and others behind, the defense line by Marginios.Lorient start at 29.8 million euros, far behind Paris.Mbappe set up Neymar and the Brazilian star put the hosts 1-0 ahead in the 11th minute.In the 28th minute, Paris next city, Mbappe received a teammate pass, in front of the goal, the Ligue 1 giants extended the advantage of 2-0.In the second half, in the 55th minute, Paris made a mistake in the backcourt, lorient seized the opportunity and pulled back to make it 1-2.In the 66th minute, Mbappe again put on a superb performance, after the 160 million star had passed, he fired a long shot into the dead corner to complete the double and put Paris 3-1 ahead.In the 72nd minute, Messi and Mbappe connected, the French genius inverted triangle back, the Argentine superstar inside the penalty area volleyed through lorient’s door, 4-1!In the 89th minute, Paris went on the attack, with Mbappe sending a superb stopper and Neymar scoring twice to make it 5-1.Paris had 67 percent of possession to lorient’s 33 percent, with the Ligue 1 giants dominating the match with a 16-11 shooting ratio.Since then, Paris have set a nine-year record, with a 100 per cent record at home to Lorient in the league since 2013.In the post-match ratings, the top three stars in The Paris front court overall, Mbappe got 10 out of 10.In this game, 160 million stars shine, giving 2 goals and 3 assists, a person alone scored 5 goals, won the MVP.Messi has 8.4 points and Neymar has 9.5.A 5-1 win lifted Paris out of their doldrums and they started the April campaign with victory.At present, in the table, Paris is firmly in the first place, the Ligue 1 giants have 68 points, 12 points ahead of the second place, basically kill the title suspense.In addition, Paris’s three big strikers remain in hot form and play on a single front, which makes Pochettino more comfortable in the league and believes it is only a matter of time before they win the French title.

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