(7) Qionghai: Dig river and lake culture to create characteristic happy river and lake

Hainan network, hainan client December 29 news (Baiwen Jiayye Yucheng) December 20, the eastern part of Hainan by the impact of typhoon Rey, the temperature plummeted.In the rainstorm, the inspection and acceptance expert group (group 2) of Hainan Provincial Department of Water Affairs came to Qionghai city to conduct on-site review and research on eight happy River and lake sites, namely, Wanquanhe Coconut Village, Wanquanhe Jiannao Village section, Shitang Reservoir, Dahe Reservoir, Longqi Lake, Shamei Inland Sea, Wanquanhe Visitor Village section and Jiuqu Ecological Park section.As the mother river of Qionghai city, wanquan River is a natural link connecting qionghai’s north and south wings.Qionghai city relies on the good ecological environment foundation, takes the local history culture and the regional characteristic as the foundation, creates each characteristic happiness river and lake, draws a happy river and lake scroll with qionghai characteristic.Wan quan river coconut village battle site happiness happiness wan quan river coconut village battle site of lakes paragraphs lakes located in the red tourism culture resort coconut village battle site coconut village village, adjacent to the red woman army memorial hall, the surrounding scenery is more beautiful white stone ridge scenic area, kwun tong, hot spring resort and tourist resources such as changling tourist resort.After investigation, wanquan River coconut village battle site section of happiness river and lake public satisfaction reaches more than 90%, “coconut village eight scenery” is the essence of history and humanity, ecology and nature, fully shows the coconut Village river section of heaven and earth spirit, beautiful landscape.Walking on the winding rural roads, you can find fresh and pleasant air, antique brick houses and blooming countryside fields, all of which give off a strong taste of ancient village and countryside.Wanquan River guest village section has beautiful natural scenery and profound overseas Chinese culture, qionghai to nanyang culture as the core, overseas Chinese culture as the main play of the beautiful village.CAI Jia zhai ancient village, liuma ancient crossing, riverside beautiful scenery, water plank road and other tourism and sightseeing projects attract many tourists to come to enjoy the landscape, leisure vacation.”We are very happy to bring new jobs and profits to the villagers. We are happy to work and live here and find the feeling of nostalgia,” said Liu Fugui, general manager of Hainan Bafang Tourist Culture Development Co., Ltd. when living in liuke Village.Wanquan River guest village when the expert group came to jiuqu Ecological park, the green shade of the water ecological plank road, small and unique suspension bridge, Jiuqu River on the pleasure boat cruise, enjoy the scenery on both sides, outline a picture of harmony between man and nature a beautiful picture.Boao river ecological park actively practice “green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan” development philosophy, implementation of ecological restoration, ecological, smart make full use of the special natural ecological landscape on the island, build floating restaurant, cruise ships, such as hydrophilic facilities, the rippling JiuQuJiang and boasts beautiful natural scenery on both sides of the river together, allow people to feel the natural zero distance, blend in nature.Jiuqu Ecological Park “unique, there are mountains and water, very suitable for retirement, tourism is also a good choice,” said Mr. Zhao came to travel.”Feel on the whole, the water quality of wanquan River is very good, through the whole Qionghai city, will be along the scenic spots in series.What is more distinctive is that they organically integrate scenic spots with rivers and lakes, combining local cultural characteristics and unique ecological resources, integrating mountains, rivers, fields, forests and lakes in Qionghai city.This is something I think is worth spreading across the province and learning from elsewhere.”After the investigation, Zhang Lunliang, an expert from the Sino-Us Environmental Restoration and Sustainable Development Center, spoke highly of the happiness River and Lake research group.Panel of qionghai declaration of happiness scores of lakes in qionghai vice mayor Chen Jiashi understands, qionghai in building, on the basis of the healthy rivers, beautiful lakes, according to “river calm, reliable water supply, livable appropriate reward, ecological harmony” standards, further improve the quality of rivers, and create a healthy rivers.”We must dig deep into the culture of rivers and lakes and promote the culture of water use to meet the needs of the people for a spiritual life.”At the same time, Chen jia also mentioned that in the next three years, the existing good quality river sections will be built into some demonstration sites, and then promote the construction of happy rivers and lakes in Qionghai city.Hainan statement: copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.

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