Get Rid of Owen!The north defeated!Nets in the play-offs?

In the blink of an eye, the year has gone by and we are back to work. Are our friends still OK?”Hold on!It will be Chinese New Year in 360 days!”The mood of work is different for different people. Like my cousin, she wished she could work for a few more days. As a result, she was too impatient.About the teacher, smiling without a word, “and why do you desperate efforts to entwine you look at me, little meat meat dumps all don’t, easily scored 27 points and 12 rebounds 10 assists three pairs, punch out the nuggets played too good, the team develops acme three took 107 points, the team up and down close to 40 assists a ring by ring, and the nets in addition to the Owen’s singles, don’t harden not again,It’s hard not to think that kyrie is doing his best to protect his business. But the truth is, the Nets are never going to be successful on their own. Eight straight losses are a fact of life.But Owen again lead the nets now ranking dropped to just over 30% in the east, 7 and 8 on the west side of the same and the skin, may be the play-offs in this case, fans certainly need to be responsible for the continuous absence, Owen also responded to harden and rumors he said Mr Harden agreed to leave, hope he keeps his promise “but who knows what will happen?”Owen then added some fans think that this sentence is god in got harden after an elder brother to go, freddy adu to retain, finger point to Owen, he is seen as not vaccinated at home gets to the root of the big three OuWenCai released in this way his attitude slightly uncomfortable “your cow, you two brothers gao, you feeling good, then I go?”Irving also said he expects some kind of turnaround around the All-Star break as to whether there will be a new trade or he will get a shot, but I don’t think the front office will accept the prospect of a part-time playoff game.”If you’re on the same team as me and you don’t play at home,I am absolutely won’t let you continue to stay here, “” we had a chance to win, but you don’t work hard, come on, you will go to other places, do not have what good talk” said to say scold to scold, could not hear or different according to Owen’s temper, the voice of the outside completely shielding nets nothing down, nothing up this season, only may devour endure gas, force Owen nasty,I’m not gonna make any more money than simmons!Part-time players do not work you must not learn fairy oh, the New Year, smooth work!

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