Just to kan ball! Only when you win what you should win can you be qualified to discuss the “unbeatable”

Shandong High-speed men’s basketball team lost by 10 points to Tianjin in the 35th round of the REGULAR season of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) on The night of March 15, 124-134, and suffered two “double plays” in the third stage of the league.More seriously, the game could be the trigger for the NBA’s season or failure to qualify for the playoffs, as it watched its opponents climb the standings to no. 11 while it slipped to No. 12.CBA ranking “rain” has been under the atmosphere is not very harmonious 21 three-point, Tianjin men’s basketball game outside the three-point rain again.As the league outside hit rate of the first team, Tianjin once “throw open” the consequences can not be imagined.In their first meeting in the third period of the season, the high-speed men’s basketball team was drenched by 3-pointers.The first section of that game, Tianjin team will throw into 7 3-pointers, let the high-speed men’s basketball in a long period of chasing position.This game, tianjin men’s basketball outside hit rate is as high as 60% of the terror.He made 21 of his 35 outside attempts.In high-speed basketball, only 16 of 44 3-point attempts went to the basket, or 36 percent.Outside hit ratio is lower than the opponent many, the security of rebounding also did not do a good job.The total rebounding than the opponent 8, let the high-speed men’s basketball had to accept the defeat.Although Ding Yanyu aviation last break out, vaguely find the shadow of that year, let shandong fans feel excited, can be an inevitable defeat as expected, or let the high-speed side feel “uncomfortable”.From 10th place at the start of the third period to 12th place now, the high-speed men’s basketball playoff position is in jeopardy.More deadly is, now ranked behind high-speed men’s basketball North Control, Xinjiang only behind high-speed men’s basketball a win.And high-speed men’s basketball did not win should win after the soft persimmon, behind the schedule has been quite unfavorable.Plans have changed no faster than Fujian is must-win March 1, when the CBA regular season begins its final stretch of 10 rounds.Shandong high-speed men’s basketball team will face Guangdong twice, Beijing twice, Shenzhen twice, Fujian twice and Tianjin twice in the 10 rounds.According to the analysis of the team’s actual fighting strength, the high-speed men’s basketball team must win five or even six of the 10 games in order to secure a playoff position.The source of these 5 or 6 wins is the double kill of Tianjin and Fujian, and “steal” 1 or 2 wins from Beijing and Shenzhen.But now the high-speed men’s basketball team has been tianjin and Shenzhen double, so the situation is not optimistic.In the remaining 3 games, the high-speed men’s basketball team encountered opponents for “weak” “strong” “strong” — Fujian men’s basketball, Beijing men’s basketball and Guangdong men’s basketball, are in front of the high-speed eyeing eyeing.Guangdong men’s basketball needless to say, high speed how to play also “dry” but others.Beijing men’s basketball is some struggle, but also have to guard against others a dozen Shandong excited.As for fujian men’s basketball, it is a must to win.If not take Fujian, then high-speed men’s basketball in the back of the game even “fight” share have no.However, the small foreign aid named Gordon in the Fujian team, who once scored 63 points in shandongtou, obviously will not easily agree.Gordon scored 63 points against Shandong

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