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International Consensus on Chinese Traditional Culture and Elderly Care — An exclusive interview with Tang Jun, Researcher, Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.The United Nations and important international organizations have put forward a series of new ideas and coping strategies with long-term care as the core: in 1991, the United Nations put forward the “Five Principles for the elderly”, among which the third one is “care”.Accordingly, WHO put forward “long-term care for the elderly” in 2000, and reinterpreted “healthy aging” in 2016. Now, these principles and concepts have become important international consensus to deal with population aging.In order to cope with the aging of the population development tendency, the Chinese government and Chinese society for pay extraordinary attention to the social security system, xi jinping, general secretary in 2016 proposed the “long-term care security system construction”, the elderly service and long-term care is also included in the social security system, and become a important part of the construction of the system.Since ancient times, China has had a fine tradition of “respecting, respecting and loving the elderly”. In this historical context, how do we view the relationship between traditional culture and international consensus?If we combine the two, will it help us to design more targeted, feasible and effective social policies?In view of these problems, our special correspondent interviewed Tang Jun, a researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.Post Office Remittance: Floor 21, Building C2, Zone C, Fuli Center, Shangpu Road south, Taijiang District, Fuzhou city, Fujian Province. Post Code: 350001Fuzhou Xihu Sub-branch of Industrial Bank (please indicate the subscription of “Leadership Literature” magazine) Account: 116050100100068637 wechat pay “Leadership Literature” wechat public platform – “online subscription” consultation phone: 0591-83792032

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