Signed projects 66!The total contract amount is 76.6 billion yuan!Hunnan District of Shenyang ranks first in the city!

On February 10th, the signing and commencement of the first batch of projects in Shenyang in 2022 was held in The North Pharmaceutical Valley International Biomedical Technology Industrial Park of Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone.There are a total of 432 signed projects, with a total investment of 379.5 billion yuan, among which, 66 signed projects in our district, with a total amount of 76.6 billion yuan, the number of signed projects and the total amount of signed projects rank first in the city.Industrial development has more big projects to support in hunnan District signed projects, investment of more than 10 billion yuan of projects 2, 5 billion yuan of more than 3 projects, 3 billion yuan of more than 3 projects, 1 billion yuan of more than 11 projects.Including the total investment of 17 billion yuan in the northeast international health city, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan of muddy south wisdom zero carbon demonstration area, a total investment of 5 billion yuan of shenyang muddy south valley of low carbon of green is the central business district (CBD), with a total investment of 2 billion yuan of shenyang science and technology financial industry investment fund and a total investment of 3 billion yuan of catic gas turbine industry base and so on a number of large investment scale, industry driving force strongKey projects.With a total investment of 17 billion yuan, zhongyi Northeast International Medical City project will build a world-class and domestic medical industry science and technology city in the future, and create a medical health industry group worth 100 billion yuan.Hunnan wisdom zero-carbon demonstration zone project with a total investment of 10 billion yuan is mainly to build a zero-carbon wisdom demonstration zone integrating the comprehensive utilization of clean energy in the city, the construction of green new energy in the countryside, Chinese herbal medicine cultivation and smart energy management platform.With a total investment of 5 billion yuan, Shenyang New green Corridor Hunnan Low-carbon Valley CENTRAL business District project plans to build green and low-carbon international first-class quality central business district, actively introduce central enterprises, international and domestic well-known enterprises regional headquarters stationed;With a total investment of 3 billion YUAN, AVIC Gas turbine Industrial Base project mainly builds a “five-in-one” gas turbine industrialization development platform integrating technology research and development, manufacturing assembly, marketing, engineering service and maintenance.Innovative economic projects dominate the hunnan District signed 33 innovative economic projects, accounting for 50% of the total contract 39.1 billion yuan, involving information technology, new materials, biomedicine, health care, civil aviation, new energy vehicles and other industrial chains,Hunnan District to create northeast science and technology innovation source and enhance the industry chain local matching rate to provide more project reserves.Service economy projects accelerated to gather 14 signed service economy projects, with a total contract value of 6.6 billion yuan.10 of producer services project, consumer services four projects, including the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the Internet technology sharing, financial services, entrepreneurship training service, network broadcast, media culture, leisure, and other fields, will serve the regional science and technology innovations, improve urban quality and upgrading of consumption of energy,We will accelerate the integrated development of manufacturing with producer and consumer services.The activity site also introduced the resumption of work in different parts of the city. At present, there are 115 resumption of work projects in our district, with a total investment of 96.16 billion yuan and annual planned investment of 23.78 billion yuan. The total investment and annual planned investment of projects both rank first in the city.Article source: Leju

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