There are 76 national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization

A few days ago, the website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released a list of national key leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization, and 76 enterprises in Our province, including Liaoning Wellhope Animal Husbandry Co., LTD., were listed.The national key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization are jointly identified by eight departments, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the National Development and Reform Commission.In order to ensure the quality and level of national key leading enterprises, 8 departments of the national agricultural industrialization joint conference, the implementation of dynamic management of national key leading enterprises, the establishment of competitive elimination mechanism, so that there are out and in, equal amount of compensation, every two years to the enterprise monitoring and evaluation.Disqualified enterprises whose main business is divorced from agriculture, whose driving ability is obviously insufficient, and whose product quality has major problems will be cancelled as national key leading enterprises.The 76 enterprises shortlisted in Our province have played an important role in strengthening scientific and technological innovation, improving the level of technology and equipment, leading standardized production, promoting green production mode, and promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.At the same time, all enterprises are based on the advantages of characteristic resources, expand rural functions, build the whole agricultural industry chain, and promote the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas.These enterprises have played an exemplary and leading role in improving the mechanism for linking farmers with farmers, helping farmers find jobs and increase their incomes, enabling them to share more of the benefits of value-added industries, consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation, comprehensively promoting rural revitalization, and realizing agricultural and rural modernization.Source: Liaoning Daily

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