While the epidemic prevention and control is going on | Protect our beautiful home we are in action

Since March, the epidemic situation has been grim and the pressure on prevention and control has been increasing.Yonglejiang Town Party cadres gave full play to the exemplary role of party members, quickly gathered a group of volunteers, rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention and control, to build a solid fortress of epidemic prevention and control.In the town of Yongle River, there is such a group of figures, with a little red hat, a red vest, when people still do not go out because of the wind and rain, they have been on duty in the county party members around the demonstration post.They are the yonglejiang Town epidemic prevention and control volunteer team.They are on duty at the import and export of farmers’ markets and residential communities, urging businesses to post location codes and prepare epidemic supplies to ensure public health and safety.Registration of health codes, travel codes and vaccinations in people’s homes to ensure no loopholes in epidemic prevention and control;In the row and propaganda to persuade the masses to “slow marriage, simple white”, put an end to the gathering of many people, dinner……They are volunteers with great love and are the most reliable “wall of epidemic prevention and control” in Anren County.”The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.Here is with the confluence of hengyang, a bit cannot careless, we 24 hours full on-the-job, resolutely carry out migrants temperature measurement, registration, health examination, certificate of nucleic acid within 48 hours of stroke yard normalized prevention and control measures, such as digging, determined to cut off the epidemic route of transmission, the first barrier to epidemic prevention and control play a good role.”Anren County G322 national road epidemic prevention and control advisory service point is on duty staff Li Daqiong said.Since March 19, they have been on duty 24 hours a day and registered 844 people, which is just one of the epidemic prevention and control service centers in Anren County.They brave yi bear, retrograde, heart with love to protect the safety of life;They have come forward with dedication and concrete actions to fulfill their original mission.In the front line of epidemic prevention and control, there are many Party members and volunteers, who race against time, with their own sweat and efforts, jointly weave a dense network of epidemic prevention and control, together to protect the city.(Correspondent Liu Xin) Video source: County Rong Media Center Editor: Chen Yuepeng Second Instance: Tan Rubin Final Instance: Tang Zhizhuo point share point like point watch statement: reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn

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