Yangquan city mining culture hall to cultural benefit people to welcome the New Year

Yellow River News Network Yangquan (reporter Shen Lin Jiabin) January 25, the twelfth lunar month 23, commonly known as “xiao Nian”.Early in the morning, yangquan city mining government building no. 1 and building no. 2 hall, then lively up, here is held in Yangquan city mining culture center New Year series of activities.The activities include riddles, writing Spring Festival couplets and traditional paper-cuts.Everyone was required to wear masks and enter in order after showing the travel code, but this did not affect the mood of people. The atmosphere was warm and orderly, and people competed to guess the hanging riddles.Guessing riddles is a traditional Chinese entertainment activity, with knowledge and fun, but also the public like to participate in an interesting activity.There are calligraphy enthusiasts from the mining area of Yangquan city for the masses to write the Spring Festival couplets.Especially from yangquan city mining paper cutting art non-genetic inheritor Li Jinzhu old man and her team, in the scene for the masses of voluntary paper cutting, caused a lot of people stop and look.A pair of scissors, a piece of common red paper in their hands is also dozens of seconds of kung fu, a lifelike tiger and other auspicious patterns of all colors will magically appear in front of everyone.The scene of the masses of their exquisite workmanship, get paper-cut friends are beaming, meet the smile hanging on his face.It is understood that during the two sections, yangquan city mining culture center will also have various cultural activities to benefit the people, so that the area of the masses in a civilized and peaceful atmosphere to spend a happy Spring Festival.[Edit: Xinran Wang]

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