14 years later, when I hit their expired sugar, Hu Ge said, “Why did you abandon me when you were all around?”

Hu’s only public girlfriend is Jiang Shuying.Once, Jiang Shuying attends first gear “forgive me to tell you the truth” variety show.CAI Yongkang asked Jiang Shuying: “your more famous predecessor, he married, invited you will go”?Mr CAI is known to be referring to Mr Hu.Jiang shuying answered directly, “If he invites me, I will go.”And said the two are now very good friends.CAI Yongkang saw, to the river thin film hot pursuit of the question.The more questions, the more Jiang shuying answers.Suddenly the eyes are red, CAI Yongkang is an old river’s lake, see jiang Shuying emotional.Hurry round field: “chat chat, don’t pear flower with rain oh”!Bullets are popping up on jiang Shuying eyes with tears, referring to Hu Ge blush, is worthy of the temperament.Some people say that Jiang Shuying did not put down Hu Ge.Hu Ge and Jiang Shuying together is difficult to flat.However, hu Ge and Xue Jialing are more difficult to draw attention to.Xue became one of China’s best exes. Even Hu Ge mentioned her on the show after breaking up with her, tears welling up in his eyes, and said: She’s really good.In 2017, Xue and Hu were photographed having dinner together, leading to widespread speculation that they would “get back together”.At the end of the year, Xue posted that she had converted to Buddhism and had been practicing for more than a year.Ms Xue “may never get married”.See this sentence, instant break defense.From 2008 to 2022, 14 years have passed.Accidentally knock their expired sugar however, after decent break up, there is still each other in the heart of that time.In Hu Ge’s heart, he always missed a good woman, her name is Xue Jialing.I just met her at the wrong time.Xue Jialing is a big girl from northeast China with a forthright and generous personality.Young fame of her, career and feelings did not smooth sailing.When she was a child, she worked as a hostess in Harbin TV station.Programs like Cygnet and Snowflake are all hosted by her.At the age of eight, Xue was named one of the “top ten campus stars” in Heilongjiang.Language talent is quite high, she saw the host on TV, secretly vowed that one day, oneself also want to become a host.In 1995, with her heart set on the Beijing Broadcasting Institute, she was admitted to the Acting department of Shanghai Theatre Academy.Xue turned 17 this year, making her the youngest person in the class.During the university, Xue Jia ning and fellow countryman Bao Lei had the best relationship.The outside world is not clear whether Lu yi is pursuing Bao Lei or Xue Jialing, because they are together all the time.Pure and sweet temperament, Xue Jia-ning began to run the cast to pick up a few supporting roles to live, pick up a small advertisement.After graduating from college, she became a little rich woman.Holding in his hand his college savings of four years of 500,000 yuan.In 2003, Xue Jiaming starred in Pink Girl, which became popular on the Internet.The 25-year-old actress has shot to fame with her role as Ha Mei, alongside the likes of liu Ruoying and Chen Hao.This drama let Xue Jiaping become popular in the eyes of directors xiangbobo.Little do they know, this is the peak period of Xue Jialing’s career.At the time, Hu was just a student at the Shanghai Theatre Academy.In the same year, Xue Played in “The World without A Match”. During this period, she met Hu Ge who visited the thatched cottage in her early 20s.They didn’t talk much and it wasn’t love at first sight.It was not until 2004 that Lu Yi brought Hu Ge to bao Lei’s party.Where there is Bao Lei, there must be Xue Jialing.Xue Jialing saw Hu Ge was a little timid, so she took the initiative to chat with him.One after another, the relationship between the two began to warm up.Hu Ge began to take the initiative to invite Xue to dinner.Hu Ge “teacher elder sister” long, “teacher elder sister” short call, Xue Jialing can not refuse.Careful Hu Ge will do the strategy in advance, choose the restaurant with characteristics, the most important is xue Jiaping’s favorite taste.As time passes, Xue Jialing began to love Hu Ge in his heart.In 2004, he jiong, 30, had his hands full.Vic Chou, 23, refused to perform in Chinese Paladin because of the hot weather in the mainland.The director found hu Ge, who had just entered the circle, as “Li Xiaoyao”.After the TV series was broadcast in 2005, Hu shot to fame with “Happy Brother”.Hu ge became one of the “most popular young students in the mainland”.His career began to go well.Because Xue Jialing is 4 years older than Hu Ge, Xue Jialing has been hesitant about love.As it happens, Hu’s mother is very concerned about age.The couple took their first bold step in 2006 and have been together for three years.In those three years, however, something unpredictable happened.Idols are restricted to love, they love in secret because of love.When the media asked them if they were in love, they either kept mum or denied it.The more you fear, the more it will do.It is the unforeseen that always happens.In August 2006, after hu finished shooting, he, his assistant and a crew member drove to Shanghai.The assistant was driving, and he and another worker were in the back.Their car had a violent collision with a large truck when they reached the jiaxing road.Hu was resuscitated, but his assistant died.Hu nearly died in the accident, but was largely disfigured after six and a half hours of resuscitation.He received more than 100 stitches from his neck to his face. His right eye was badly injured and he still has a scar.Xue Jialing rushed to the hospital for the first time, pushed off all the work.Xue spent all her time taking care of Hu ge.Because this visit, Hu Ge Xue Jia ning love surfaced.After Hu Ge was discharged from the hospital, Xue Jialing took care of him in order to take care of him.Xue Jialing’s career at that time was on the rise, but she chose Hu Ge and gave up her career.If, Xue Jia ning had put forward to break up.Will xue Jiaming be as popular as Yang Ying and Yang Mi?Unfortunately, everything has been doomed.Xue Jialing hand in hand hu Ge through the difficulties, Hu Ge did not hand in Xue Jialing to the gray head.Couples who plan to get married will live together in advance to know each other.And Xue Jialing in pick up Hu Ge to the home care period, but get along with a lot of “inappropriate”.Hu admitted that he is a male chauvinist person, and he believes that when two people are together, they should make money to support her and take care of her.And Xue Jia ning is a northeast big girl, with the body to the north girl’s enthusiasm and natural and unrestrained.In a relationship, she doesn’t care who gives more, who takes care of who, the important thing is to have each other in mind.Traditional Hu Ge, xue Jialing feel two people are not suitable.No matter how much love, no matter how well matched, are worth but different personality, three views.Xue’s heart is very strong, optimistic and open-minded, gentle and generous.Hu was initially attracted by her maternal qualities.Just, this kind of love mixed with too many impurities.They split amicably in late 2008.Years later, when the past came up again, Hu hinted at the reason for the breakup.Hu Ge wanted to be a filial son. He should consider the overall situation and not destroy two women for selfish reasons.If forced to marry Xue Jialing, if not happy marriage how to do.In order for her to get a new relationship and meet a man better than it, he respects her desire to separate.Hu Ge did not love her, but love to the bone.Hu Ge is full of her, she chose to leave, choose to end.Hu Ge’s love for Xue Jiaping is beyond words.Hu ge knew that his mother’s requirements for his daughter-in-law were not what ordinary people could achieve.Hu Ge is also disgusted with his mother’s high demands.He openly joked about whether she needed a scientist or a post-doc to be her daughter-in-law.Obviously, Hu Ge’s mother is not the future mother-in-law that Xue Jialing can overcome.Long pain is better than short pain, if really married her.She would shed more tears than this, hu Ge too understand the mother’s character and xue Jialing’s character.Two people who are not in the same league.It will be Xue Jialing who gets hurt.After xue broke up with Hu ge, Xue never mentioned hu Ge in public.After the breakup, Hu devoted himself to his career, starring in TV dramas such as The Myth, The Disguiser and Nirvana in Fire.Hu’s career has also reached a new high.When nirvana in Fire was on fire, a reporter asked Xue if she had seen it.Xue jiaping answered generously, “I have watched Mr. Hu’s new play. As a friend, I feel happy for him and wish him better.”Hu Ge is popular, she did not take the opportunity to rub popularity, more did not hype the past.On the contrary, Xue Jialing deliberately kept a distance, and then as a friend to bless his career just.Xue Jialing left Hu Ge has been tepid, career has been stagnant.They’ve been in touch since they were friends again.One night in 2014, Hu brought a bowl of chicken soup to see Xue Jialing, who was working on the show.Most people think they’re gonna get back together.Xue replied, “No, we are good friends.”Hu ge replied, “The past is the past.”Hu Ge was born in Shanghai in 1982.His mother is a teacher, and her education philosophy is to be brave and brave. She was very strict with him and required him to keep a low profile when he was young.When hu was a child, he lived with his parents, grandparents in a room of less than 30 square meters.When hu was a child, he was very self-abased and would be beaten in the palm of his hand with a stick by his mother if he failed to score 80 points.Even when she got a 100, she didn’t learn to keep her feelings to herself.At the age of 5, His parents sent Hu ge to the “Little Ying Xing Art Troupe” for professional training.Here, he was afraid of the stage, but more afraid of his mother.He can only stick to every practice, for him not enjoy, but suffering.Over time, no matter how different the role may be from himself, he can still play another version of himself on the stage.For a long time, Hu was afraid to be himself.When I was a child not hu mother unfortunately suffered from breast cancer, the doctor told him, can not provoke mother angry, to let her keep a happy mood.He sacrificed himself for the sake of his mother’s feelings.At 19, he was admitted to the directing department of the Central Academy of Drama and the acting department of the Shanghai Theatre Academy.After much consideration, he chose to stay in his hometown.Until he met Xue jialing, his heart of consideration for others has not changed.After a car accident, he put down his idol halo and regained his original heart as an actor.Put the fame and fortune aside and go cycling Tibet, picking up trash along the road, building a village primary school, doing something you want to do.Let oneself keep a cheerful mood, those depressed mood, abandon.Five, for them, love is not what they pursue for many years later, Hu Ge admitted that he thanked everyone except my girlfriend, which became a big regret in his heart.Some people, destined to this life can not be a husband and wife, only suitable for friends.Some people, missed is missed, say more, do more, all of no avail.Fate, this kind of thing is not who can decide it.There was no acrimony, no entanglement.They have been by each other’s side as “good friends”.Hu ge, 40, is calm and relaxed when people around him urge him to get married.Xue Jialing, 44, has long been indifferent to everything.They are not the “marriage first” people, they pursue more is the comfort of the soul.Two parallel lines also meet one day.In June 2021, Xue appeared in the musical The Orphan of Zhao.Hu ge made a low-key appearance at the musical, wearing a black suit, a black fisherman’s hat and a black mask and sitting in the audience like an ordinary audience member.After the performance, Hu took a photo with Xue and her staff, which sparked heated discussion.Is this the rhythm of getting back together?Apparently not.They are the same frame, it is difficult to be peaceful.Obviously in love but not together.14 years have passed, hit them like love and like family sugar.Bitter with a sweet and sour taste.Although, everyone has a corner, they can not walk out, others can not break in.But Hu and Xue chose a bright path.”Face, not necessarily the most sad.Lonely, not necessarily unhappy.Get, not necessarily for a long time.Lost, not necessarily no longer have.Don’t because of loneliness and indulgence, don’t because of indulgence and lonely life “.

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