The large number of vacant apartments in Henan’s third-tier and fourth-tier cities, coupled with a real-estate market cap, make them especially unworth buying

In the market, the more scarce the house, the higher the price, but at present this saying in Henan no longer seems to work, why?There are too many houses, especially in the third and fourth tier cities of Henan, where construction sites are everywhere. There are more and more houses, and the prices are not cheap.More importantly, the housing price in Henan, a province with a large population, is actually falling. Except for a few cities such as Zhengzhou and Luoyang, the housing price is falling in many places. In particular, the vacancy rate is high, and even the lighting rate in some cities is less than 50%.Therefore, it can be said that there are a lot of empty houses. Some experts even point out that there are 100 million empty houses in China.As the number of new births declines, vacant housing in some areas is likely to increase in the future.So what to do?High limit.Simply put, it is to limit the height of buildings, strictly control the buildings above 100 meters, and some urban residential buildings in counties should be mainly under 6 floors.This is an obvious attempt to limit the supply of housing, since the more houses there are, the more empty houses there are.Therefore, in the third and fourth tier cities of Henan, on the one hand, there are a large number of empty houses, and on the other hand, height restriction.From these two aspects of information, it is tantamount to buyers said that high-rise houses are not worth buying.In particular, the poor location of high-rise residential, more not worth to buy, suburban houses more cautious to buy.For home buyers, if your home is in a bad location in the future, it will be difficult to cash in.In the current housing market, the “height limit” imposed by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development is not only because of oversupply, but also because of a large number of empty houses.At the same time, high-rise housing will also have a lot of shortcomings, such as too large shared area, generally speaking, the shared area of high-level about 30%, a 100 square meters of house, the actual living area is about 70 flat.This is not a good deal for the buyer, if the value is 1 million, then there is about 300,000 is unjust, and there is a lot of property fees every year.In addition, there are problems such as unexpected escape difficulties and high maintenance costs in high-rise residential buildings, which lead to the decline of high-rise residential values.Therefore, from the perspective of the future development of the property market, there will be more and more problems in high-rise housing, and urban differentiation will intensify.In view of the current development of Henan province, the population will gradually shift to Zhengzhou and several surrounding cities, and the housing price in 80% of cities will face various problems. If you want to buy a house in your hometown, you must consider clearly.In a word, for home buyers, at any time should consider whether it is suitable to buy a house, the future housing price will be lower and lower, no longer suitable for investment, especially high-rise housing, more cautious purchase.

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