Kangmei Pharmaceutical opens the era of GMS, how long will it take to get back on track?

After GFC entered Kangmei Pharmaceutical, the two frequently linked.From February 11 to 12, Li Chuyuan, party Secretary and Chairman of GFC, visited Kangmei Pharmaceutical;Not long ago, Kangmei pharmaceutical ushered in the new chairman of the Guangyao Group for many years.After the completion of bankruptcy restructuring, Kangmei Pharmaceutical has opened the era of Guangdong medicine. Whether it can return to the right track and peak of development is worth looking forward to.The frequent visits of Li Chuyuan, party Secretary and chairman of GFC, are not the first linkage between the two enterprises.Since The completion of kangmei pharmaceutical bankruptcy restructuring, the recent frequent interaction between the two sides.Before the Spring Festival, GUANGZHOU Pharmaceutical Group joined hands with Kangmei Pharmaceutical in the “small waist” and other landmarks;In January this year, GFC and Kangmei Pharmaceutical raised 5 million yuan of epidemic prevention materials and rushed to Xi ‘an.Kangmei pharmaceutical’s management, also ushered in the guangyao team.January 26 this year, *ST Kangmei (Kangmei pharmaceutical) announced that Lai Zhijian was elected as the new chairman of kangmei Pharmaceutical.Public information shows that Lai Zhijian has been working in The Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group for a long time, involving fields covering brand marketing, production safety, technical quality and so on.In addition, Gao Yanzhu, who was elected as the chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Kangmei Pharmaceutical, and three non-independent directors, Miqi and Liu Guowei, among the new board members, are all from GPC.As early as November 2021, criminal judgment of Foshan Intermediate People’s Court in Guangdong Province showed that Ma Xingtian, former chairman and general manager of Kangmei Pharmaceutical, was sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined 1.2 million yuan for the crime of stock market manipulation, illegal disclosure, failure to disclose important information and several crimes of bribery.The company was fined 5 million yuan for unit bribery. Xu Dongjin, former vice chairman and executive vice general manager, and 11 other responsible persons were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment and fine for participating in related securities crimes.*ST Commac’s bankruptcy restructuring plan also continues.By the end of 2021, Guangdong Shennong Enterprise Management Partnership will invest 5.4 billion yuan, and other social capital will invest 6.5 billion yuan to hold 29.9% of kangmei Pharmaceutical. Kangmei Pharmaceutical has completed the bankruptcy restructuring work, and all its debts have been fully paid off through cash and shares.Guangdong Shennong has also become the first major shareholder of *ST Kangmei.Guangdong Shennong group is jointly composed by GUANGDONG Guangyao Group and Guangdong Yuecai, among which THE shareholding proportion of GUANGyao group reaches 46.049%, and guangyao group also moves into Kangmei Pharmaceutical.2021 sig pharmaceutical expected turnaround was founded in 1997, the original is the domestic a-share market pharmaceutical stocks, charming as outstanding listed companies directly under guangdong puning city at county level, sig pharmaceutical once to billions of market value and contribution of puning hundreds of millions of tax good performance, become the puning and medicine industry of guangdong province tax is one of the enterprises.But in 2018, the problems kangmei had been planting for years exploded.In December 2018, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) found doubt in the authenticity of Kangmei pharmaceutical’s financial report, suspected of false statements and other violations of laws and regulations, and initiated an investigation.As a result, Kangmei pharmaceutical shares plummeted, no longer 100 billion market value.At present, has completed the bankruptcy reorganization of *ST Kangmei, ushered in a number of good news.The company’s 2021 performance forecast shows that the reporting period is expected to achieve losses, net profit of 5.625 billion yuan – 8.438 billion yuan.The company completed the implementation of restructuring plan, and realized the net related restructuring income of about 17.5 billion yuan, which became the key factor to turn the loss into profit.The market value of the company also began to recover from the trough of 8 billion yuan, to February 14 noon, *ST Kangmei total market value of 43.948 billion yuan.On January 29 this year, Kangmei Pharmaceutical announced that the company had eliminated the corresponding situation of “delisting risk warning” as a result of the court ruling to accept the restructuring, and would apply to the Shanghai Stock Exchange to withdraw the corresponding “delisting risk warning”.In 2021, GFC also became one of the world’s top 500 companies.After entering kangmei pharmaceutical, how will Guangyao Group plan for Kangmei pharmaceutical?Supporting “New Kangmei” to return to the track of high-quality development is the clear statement made by Li Chuyuan, party Secretary and chairman of GFC, when visiting Kangmei Pharmaceutical.Li Chuyuan pointed out that Kangmei pharmaceutical has a good industrial foundation in the production of Chinese herbal medicine decoction pieces, professional market sales of Chinese herbal medicine, and will focus on promoting the implementation of Chinese herbal medicine spot and futures trading platform project, Chinese herbal medicine decoction pieces procurement bidding demonstration platform project and other projects, to create a new situation for the development of Kangmei pharmaceutical.Compared with the peak of Kangmei’s 100 billion market value, there is still a long way to go for GPHC.Some of the materials of this official account are from the Internet, and the copyright belongs to the original author.The editor collects and collates to share learning with everyone.If you think that some content infringes your rights and interests, please inform us immediately, and we will take corresponding measures after verification.

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