Why does Lu Zhishen dislike tiger will Li Zhong?Rereading water Margin, I found that I had misjudged Ruda

“He’s also a tough guy,” ruda said when he first met tiger-fighting general Li Zhong, and never changed his opinion.Why did Luda think Li Zhong was “not generous”?Believe that read “the water margin” original people remember, in the history of big lang night walk HuaYin County, lu governs punch kansai town “in this time, lu da, history into sasihorfswe three people eat wine in the pan restaurants, I suddenly heard a woman crying sound, lu da feel after being swept in, is called the bartender will bring with him crying people meet, he is a good question.It turned out that the crying woman was Jin Cuilian, along with an old man, jin Cuilian’s father.Their father and daughter two people in Tokyo, to Weizhou, the mother also died of disease, spent the pan, was the town of Kansai strong media hard protection, as his concubine.However, to jin Cuilian father and daughter did not expect is that Zhen Guanxi’s wife is a powerful role, zhen Guanxi is also afraid of his wife, less than three months will jin Cuilian father and daughter out of the house.Worse is, the town of guanxi this person is very slag, not only put Jin Cuilian father and daughter out of the house, but also after the original strong buy Jin Cuilian three thousand dollars.Want to know, at the beginning of the town of Guan Xi opened this three thousand money is false money solid deed, did not give people to the hands of the gold family.That’s like sleeping with a girl for three months for nothing, and forcing her to ask for three grand.The Kings had no choice but to work in restaurants to earn money to pay off their debts.Luda listened to Jin Cuilian’s cry, asked the town of Guanxi officials turned out to be the number one bridge under the killing of pigs Zheng Tu, with luda’s effect of the small kind of jinglixianggong pork exclusive right, to make the pork business big, did not expect him to bully people.Ruda was furious about this and got up to beat Tu Zheng.Fortunately, Shi Jin and Li Zhong will embrace Luda, two people good persuasion, to persuade them to live.Ruda sat down to gather some money for Kim and his daughter to visit Tokyo.Rummaging in his pocket, Luda found that he had taken only fifty ounces of silver with him.So he asked Shi Jin and Li Zhong to take out some silver, saying that they would return it to them tomorrow.Nine grain dragon history into listen to Luda finish, without saying two words, from the bag took out a ingot twelve silver.Sasihorfswe?Shi Described it as follows: shi Jindao: “Why do you want my brother back?”Go and take out a hundred taels of silver from the parcel and place it on the table.Luda looked at Li Zhongdao and said, “You can borrow some from me.”Li Zhong went to his side and found two ounces of silver.Seeing this, Ruthhiah said, “You too are not generous.”Why did Luda think Li Zhong was “not generous”?Is it because he paid less than Steve?When I read “Water Margin” before, I also thought Lu da blamed Li Zhong for not giving enough money.But read “Water Margin” again only to find that it was wrong to blame Luda before.What’s going on?You see, shi naian describes Shi Jin as “taking”, while Li Zhong is described as “touching”. Shi Jin “takes” twelve pieces of silver from the package, while Li Zhong “touches” two pieces of silver from his side.This is a very interesting detail, and one that is easily overlooked by readers.You know, if you’re borrowing money from two friends, the first one pulls out his wallet in front of you and pulls out a hundred dollars.The second man, instead of taking his wallet out of his pocket, reached into his pocket for money.What do you think of these two friends?The second man, no matter how much money he finally touches, his miser temperament will leave a very deep impression on people.And this tiger general Li Zhong, is such a person.Therefore, in the comparison between Li Zhong and Shi Jin, Luda came to the conclusion that Li Zhong was “ungenerous”.At this time, some people would say, “Li Zhong really has no money, he is a street agent selling plasters, maybe he has only two pieces of silver, can he compare with shi Jin such a landlord’s son?This is true, Li Zhong and Shi Jin from a different background, at the moment li Zhong really did not shi Jin rich.But if Li Zhong pays money like Shi Jin, big and square, feeling on the body, the pain like cutting flesh in the heart, are reflected in the hand movement.I don’t think Ruda would have been so sarcastic if you had only a couple of ounces of silver and had taken it out quickly and confessed it to him.At this point, someone might say, that’s easy for you to say.Li Zhong is a street agent, selling dog skin plaster for a living, left no money, may not even have the next meal, why are you so critical of him?People at the bottom of the social ladder already live a hard life. It is the same as donating to charity. How much you donate depends on your own will.There’s nothing wrong with that. The question is to whom it’s said.If Li Zhong is an ordinary person, there is no need for us to berate him. Even if he does not pay, we should not say anything.But is Li Zhong an ordinary person?He is known as the “tiger” on the people, he is shi Jin “open hand” master.Then we have to ask him, do you want to go out in the world?Do you want to be a hero?It’s clear that Li Zhong wants to be a hero, or he wouldn’t be sitting down to drink with Ruda and Shi Jin.Since Li Zhong wants to win the title of “tiger hunter” in the world’s lakes, we must hold him to the standard of liangshan Hero in the future.If the liangshan hero standards to request Li Zhong, so, he did not do enough, indeed as Luda said, “not generous.”You said Li Zhong needs money to live, so Shi Jin doesn’t need it?Although he was the son of a landlord, not long ago all his property was set on fire by him, and he was also wanted by the government. He was also in great need of money.But he met Jin Cuilian this matter, or immediately took out a hundred ounces of silver.You know, a hundred taels of silver was not a small amount in the Northern Song Dynasty, it could cover a person’s living expenses for a year.It was a measure of his courage to lay out such a large sum of money for a complete stranger that it was no wonder Ruda liked him so much.Li Zhong, in fact, was dragged here by Luda to eat wine, otherwise he would still be selling dog skin plaster on the street.He didn’t know Ruda before that, either.Luda first meets Shi Jin, and then the two meet Li Zhong, a dog skin plaster seller, on the street. Shi Jin says Li Zhong is his “hand opener” master, and Luda invites Li Zhong to have a drink with him.Actually, there was an episode before the trio went for a drink.Sineam describes it as follows: Lutiha said, “As the master of Stalang, let me have three cups with you.”Li Zhongdao said, “Let him go with Tihash after he has sold the ointment and demanded the money back.”Ruda said, “Who is patient with you?If you go, go with you.”Li Zhongdao: “the clothes of the villain rice, no alternative.Jurisdiction first, the villain will look for the future.You and Tihash go first, my cousin.”Ruda anxious, the person that see, one push one hand in, then scold a way: “this people clip fart eye spread, don’t go, free home then dozen.”And when they saw that it was Luthhiath, they all went away.Seeing luda’s fierceness, Li Zhong dared not say anything, so he smiled with a smile and said, “You are an acute man.”Immediately packed up the kit, sent a gun, three people came to a state bridge under a famous pan hotel.– “Outlaws of the Marsh” you see, Li Zhong met for many years not to see the history of jin, coupled with weizhou city famous Lutiha invited him to drink, he actually wanted two people to wait for him to sell the dog skin plaster and then go with them.If you set up a stall on the street and met an old friend you haven’t seen for years, there was also a famous person in the city who invited you to have a drink with him, would you be like Li Zhong, asking two friends to wait for you to finish selling the plaster?A normal person would have closed his stall and happily gone drinking with his friends.Keep people waiting?How did they feel when they heard that?No wonder Ruda was blunt. “Who is patient with you?If you go, go with you.”Originally, Lu da invited Li Zhong because he used to be Shi Jin’s teacher. Lu da valued Shi Jin as a brother, so she had to sell Li Zhong a face. Otherwise, he would value a dog skin plaster seller?To be fair to Ruda, it’s not that Ruda is discriminating against people at the bottom of the class, it’s that selling dog plasters is a dishonorable business, which is selling plasters at best, but everyone knows it’s cheating.In the cognition of heroes like Ruda, even if a hero starved to death, he should not be engaged in selling dog skin plaster.Now he in order to take care of the history of jin, and invited a dog skin plaster people to eat wine, has felt that is out of the ordinary.This plasters guy wants Ruda to stand here and wait for him to finish selling plasters?Ruda’s direct temper was intolerable.Li Zhong was luda on the spot pout face, also dare not attack, can only put their own poor – “the clothes of the villain rice, helpless”, and then request Luda and the history of the first step, he will sell the plaster to find them.You see, this tone of voice, where like a hero?Where can people associate him with the title of “fighting tiger general”?Therefore, Luda’s impression of Li Zhong as “not generous” should have been formed from here.Some might say that we should respect people who try to live their lives.That’s true, but there are different ways to “live hard.”Some people are actively striving to live an upward life, and we should respect them.And some people work hard, just run to live, can we sincerely respect him?A sympathetic look at best?Maybe some people will say, do you think Li Zhong does not want to ruda, Shi Jin as generous and open-minded?He was forced to live, so he became a swatter.Yes, Li Zhong’s financial difficulties are not his fault, because no one can guarantee that he was born rich;Googling is not wrong, it may be the instinct of some people.But when economic hardship is synonymous with running a dog, it’s time to think: Is that what the poor are supposed to be like?Is that all it has to be?Apparently not!Many people do not have much money, but in the face of What Happened to Li Zhong, will still be very forthright, will take out their own silver without reservation.Such people, their path will be wider and wider.Of course, there are also many people, even if they have money, in the face of What Li Zhong encountered, always use their own rational calculation, calculate their own efforts and returns in this matter.Because of calculation, they often worry about gain and loss.Too rational calculation, not only bad temperament, but also may lose the temperature of people;Worry about gains and losses, not only will let people do things afraid of hands and feet, and even shackle people’s soul.In fact, poverty is just a state of life, economic constraints, temporarily trapped our hands and feet.But if we are trapped because of hands and feet, give up the spiritual pursuit of open-minded, forthright, and default to their lives on the fly, the wretched life, so, our spirit is also trapped!That is really poor, it is not only economic poverty, it is a kind of spiritual temperament of poverty!As li Zhong in “Outmargin of the Marsh”, later he was in the peach blossom mountain and the small overlord Zhou Tong occupied the mountain as king, met left mount Wutai Manshu Courtyard Lu Zhishen, asked it to go up the mountain for its practice, peach blossom mountain there are a lot of gold and silver, he actually said to go down to plunder some money, and then sent to Lu Zhishen as a tangle.Therefore, Luda despises Li Zhong, not because of his poverty, but because of his spiritual poverty!END this article is da Wen you say original works, unauthorized prohibit reprint!All the pictures used in this article are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact the author to delete, thank you!

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