Chengdu famous “cold pig ears”, local canteen, 30 yuan per person to eat full

Chengdu Shuangliu famous “cold pig ears”, the local strongly recommended “canteen”!Mention shuangliu this “pig ear” fame, can be said to be a household name, although the location of the shop is a little remote, but drive with the navigation or no big problem.Despite its remote location, there are many people who come to eat here at noon. The whole shop is a farmhouse, and even the Sun Dam outside is full of people. It is said that this restaurant has been operating here for more than 30 years, almost with a dish of cold pig ears to drive the development of local catering.Nowadays, there are many hotels and restaurants in the local area with the name of “pig’s ear”. Outsiders can’t tell who is Li GUI and who is Li Kui. If we hadn’t been here before, we would probably have to find the wrong place…Since it is a fly restaurant, don’t care too much about the service attitude, the food is served by yourself, go to the window and directly say what you want, don’t carry your so-called “shelf”, otherwise you may be a melon child in the eyes of others.Two or three elder sister is busy, a mix of cold dish elder sister is brilliant, I saw her left hand holding the gourd ladle, right hand holding forceps, quickly mix the ingredients and seasoning evenly between aboard were wrapped in ingredients, elder sister is very hard, so that the body meat gaga followed jitter, at first glance thought is in the square dance……It reminds me of the DJ guy who sells squid on the Internet.Another waitress, Dajie, said the shop can sell 20 to 30 pig skulls a day, and the ears are so popular that some customers arrive too late to have a chance to taste them.Not to mention those sausage, bacon, fat sausage and other dishes, the popularity of the scale is far beyond your imagination.Some netizens once joked that no pig could keep its ears when leaving Shuangliu.Throughout the surrounding, whether it is dressed in bright little sister, fashionable trend dress young man, or those hard-working plain workers brother, at this moment are all thinking about eating, even if it is gentle and elegant little sister also threw arms big stutter.The signature dish cold pig ears, quite in line with the taste of the Sichuan people, along the spicy taste of the entrance, chewing slowly after actually there is a trace of fragrant back to sweet.Chopped green Onions, mashed garlic and celery sticks are mixed with the spicy, cooked chili peppers, stirring in the pig’s ear, each bite is so memorable!The crisp and tender taste of pig’s ear makes people want to stop. A piece of cold pig’s ear can make you eat a few dry rice and feel happy!When it comes to zhen Zi rice in their shop, the rice is clear and fluffy, and paired with various cold dishes with sweet and spicy taste and heavy taste. If you eat a meal, you should eat two bowls of dry rice, otherwise you will feel sorry for the delicious cold dishes on the table in front of you.Every dish is home style, but every dish is worth a try.A dish of seemingly ordinary cold pig ears has led to the development of the local catering industry. What lies behind it is the people’s dedication and love for the municipal food.The article content of “MAO Qi Eat” is only for the reference of fans and friends on behalf of personal taste and experience.Not flow, not lofty, a group of “half pot of water” foodies!Real objective evaluation, food shop guide.Be a media person with attitude and conscience!Welcome to pay attention to @mao Eat, just want to make a friend with you!Interested friends, welcome to click below ↓, join our food circle, direct access to the store’s detailed address!(Circle card has been added here, please check it on toutiao client)

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