Hainan Post express enterprises to implement the “plastic ban” work using more than 100,000 recyclable express boxes

New Hainan client, South China Sea network, Southern Metropolis daily February 16 news (reporter Tan Qi correspondent Rao Song) “express single small, packaging tape thin, printing ink less, more recyclable boxes, bags can be degraded.”Since hainan launched the “plastic ban” campaign, many people have noticed obvious changes in the packaging of express packages.The reporter learns from the postal administration of hainan province, by the end of 2021, the hainan province postal service express delivery industry electronic waybill, loop transfer bags, thin tape, accord with a standard packing materials and the proportion of electricity express no longer secondary packaging by more than 99%, the postal express delivery enterprise application recycled express box (box) exceeds 100000, the cumulative save Courier packages to exceed 980000,The recycling device of urban express outlets is basically fully covered.Circular delivery box.Hainan Post Administration for map “since the launch of the ‘plastic ban’ work, Hainan province express packaging green, reduction, recycling level has been improving.”Province postal service staff Sun Peichao introduction, hainan local standards issued to organize the formulation of the province’s first industry “the general requirements for express green packaging”, the joint such as 7 departments issued by the provincial development and reform commission on the packing of hainan express “green action plan (2021-2025)”, jointly issued by provincial department of commerce “about promoting the province electricity express the standardization of packing”.We will promote joint governance and cooperation in the postal industry.A Courier is using a recycling box to collect and send items sent by a user.Since 2021, the provincial Postal administration has implemented the “six basic” project and carried out “eight major actions” on the basis of the “2582” project of the State Post Bureau.”We launched express package green management ‘action outside the island’, send a letter to urge main brand to send the whole country headquarters to strengthen the mainland into June express packaging management, use the packaging products that accord with the requirements, prohibit to receive send, transport directory inside one-time can not degrade plastic products into Hainan.”Sun peichao said that through the “two special measures”, excessive and arbitrary packaging of express mail has been greatly reduced, a centralized procurement system for express mail packaging has been basically established, and packaging materials with excessive heavy metals and certain substances have been eliminated.An employee of an express delivery company is using biodegradable packaging bags to package packages.According to statistics, since 2021, the provincial Postal Administration has guided enterprises to build a total of 30 green outlets and green express delivery demonstration sites on campus, and 2 green distribution centers.Major brands deliver enterprises to actively promote green packaging applications, suitable abundant enterprise qualified province city express application recycled express box (box) proportion nearly a third, jingdong enterprise spent more than 30000 cycles over express box (box) used in city in the province of postal enterprises in the province city express with nearly 100% biodegradable bags,Zhongtong enterprise procurement application of 3.743 million biodegradable packaging bags, cainiao enterprises one-time investment of 130,000 biodegradable packaging bags, Yto enterprise national headquarters customized for Hainan’s first batch of 200,000 biodegradable express packaging bags have been put into use.”We will also promote the green development of the industry, further consolidate the main responsibility of Courier companies, tackle the source of Courier packaging, and strengthen supervision and law enforcement to investigate and punish Courier companies for excessive packaging and other illegal activities.”The relevant person in charge of the provincial postal administration introduced that in the future, it will take multiple measures simultaneously to continuously promote the green transformation and development of the industry, promote the application of biodegradable packaging bags in the provincial express delivery, pilot to promote the large-scale application of recyclable express packaging, and contribute to the construction of national ecological civilization pilot zone in Hainan.

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