The province’s first wisdom education (quality improvement) project was launched in Sanmingsha County

February 15th, southeast Network (this network reporter Liu Huiping correspondent Zhang Linglong Xu Yan) On February 14th, the province’s first wisdom education (quality improvement) project was launched in the First middle school of Shaxian District, Sanming City, marking that the project has entered the comprehensive construction period.Site of the project launch meeting.The project aims to give full play to the advantages of digital technology and intelligent technology, so as to make education satisfying to the people.Using smart education (quality Improvement) project to enable “double reduction” work, promote the deep integration of smart technology and education and teaching;We will strengthen cooperation with coastal areas and famous universities with experience in smart education projects, and strive to make the format of “digital + education” blossom in many places, jointly contribute to the construction of a new ecological pattern of education in Shaxian District with abundant vitality, and make the modern school-running environment the “golden name card” of education development in Shaxian District.As one of the 12 “National Experimental areas for comprehensive Reform of basic Education”, Sanming has unswervingly implemented the strategy of giving priority to the development of education in recent years, and made efforts to develop fair and quality education. The people’s sense of education acquisition and satisfaction have been constantly improved.The smart education project launched this time will start from the balanced guarantee project of education quality, the service project of teaching quality and efficiency improvement, and the guarantee project of application effectiveness. Centering on the improvement of teaching quality, the smart education project will focus on the “three improvements” of classroom teaching, student learning and teachers’ ability.It is understood that this project will provide students with teacher-student interaction, student interaction, home-school interaction, independent learning and other learning interactive tools, to achieve the teaching interaction throughout the whole scene, students independent learning and collaborative learning.At the same time, the dynamic data of the whole process of students’ preview, class, homework and examination are collected to generate visual chemistry report, which provides data support for teachers’ teaching design and helps teachers improve their efficiency of lesson preparation.

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