The results of the 2022 postgraduate entrance examination have been announced.

The results of the 2022 national postgraduate entrance exam will be released on Feb 23 in Shaanxi Province, possibly the latest in the country.Candidates applying for universities in Shaanxi province can only wait for a long time. Although you are very anxious and nervous now, we must firmly believe that your efforts will always be rewarded!At the moment you see the result of the postgraduate entrance examination, you will certainly cry with joy!Because, 2022 postgraduate entrance exam, for you really very not easy!Recall the dribs and drabs of review;Recalling the various not easy and moved when the postgraduate entrance examination, everything is worth it!And other major provinces are in February 21 announce to take an examination of grind result, believe, a lot of examinee had checked his result.We can see from the sun out of the score, really good test.The high score of “400+” on the whole network really makes people more anxious.However, we still have to believe that 400+ candidates are in the minority after all.Most universities, most of the major of the second test line is not more than 400 points, even last year “roll” out of the sky “soft”, the second test score line is only 388 points.Besides, to most classmate, the school that enters oneself for an examination is not 34 “from line” university, its second try line wants lower, especially engineering major, many “double blame” university second try line itself is national line.In 2021, the national average is 263 points (engineering).That means you could get into a 270.However, as more and more people take the exam, the “non-chinese” universities are becoming less easy to get into.304 points, can’t get into double Non school?There is a candidate who applied for anhui University of Science and Technology (our school) in 2022.Politics, 69;English 2, 47;Math ii, 78;Mechanical design, 110;Total score: 304.Looking at the total score, as engineering “tiankeng” major mechanical design, 304 points is not too low.If put two years ago, that is basically stable, into the second test without any problem.However, this year’s situation may be a bit “volume”, the examinee’s professional ranking, incredibly is 214.In 2022, the number of students in the engineering and Capital major is 120. According to the second-interview ratio of 1:1.4, it is estimated that 168 people can enter the second-interview.So, the number of comprehensive enrollment, ranking in 214 really may not enter the second test, unless the school can adjust the proportion of the second test or expand enrollment, just have the opportunity to enter the second test.In 2021, all candidates with 280 points in the mechanical major can successfully enter the second test.So, look like this, take an examination of grind this year really have so little “roll”.However, this is only the situation of one university, can not represent the whole situation, only reference.So why did 304 students fail to get into the “double Non” universities this year?Personally, there are three main reasons.A total of 4.57 million people will take the postgraduate entrance exam in 2022, 800,000 more than in 2021, an increase of 21 percent.The number of applicants for the postgraduate entrance exam increased dramatically and then was distributed to each university, with most universities seeing an increase in the number of applicants.But like some traditional engineering colleges, the increase in the number of postgraduate entrance examination is even greater.The more people who take the entrance exam, the more high scores the examinees will have, because the overall proportion of examinees in each score section is fixed.In fact, the reason can still be attributed to the explosion in the number of postgraduate entrance exams.As the number of people taking postgraduate entrance exams increases, the competition will become more and more fierce. Many candidates can see this reality clearly.Then, in order to be able to successfully land, they will choose to “win in the steady” and start a variety of “bottom fishing”, specifically select the university with fewer applicants in previous years.You think that, someone else probably thinks that, too, and then they copy it together.This is a main reason for the instability of many “double non” engineering colleges.3, “World War II” more and more candidates for postgraduate entrance examination “second test line” is higher and higher, I think, “World War II” candidates should be the biggest contribution.This is like a “death cycle”, “World War II” more and more examinees, in order to go to a good school, will force more examinees to choose “World War II”, and then, the score line will be higher and higher.Even some “double non” universities, the line is climbing.Based on above 3 reasons, even if it is a few “double blame” colleges and universities, take an examination of one’s deceased father grind second try line is also going up, likelihood, already had very few regard second try line as with national line.So, some students have to ask, since this is the case, the 2022 national entrance examination line will rise?Will the national line of 2022 postgraduate entrance examination rise?Note that only engineering national lines are being discussed here.Actually, about this problem, had written an article before, call “2022 take an examination of grind engineering field country line forecast, single branch line 35, 53 minutes, total score 265 minutes!”.Here, still adhere to this forecast, 2022 national entrance examination will not rise, will remain stable.As for the reasons, I think there are four main reasons, which I will not elaborate on here.1. Engineering majors have a large enrollment expansion;2. Now “part-time” is underlined together with full-time;3. In recent years, the national engineering line is relatively stable, and the situation is similar between 2022 and 2020;There are many unpopular majors in engineering majors, not all of them are popular majors like computers.Based on the above four reasons, I don’t think the national line of engineering majors will rise sharply in 2022.So, students, don’t be frightened by the 400+ of the whole network, we still have to cheer up, seriously prepare for the second interview oh.What if it does cross the line?What if it turns up on the callback list?If you don’t prepare for a second interview, will you regret it?Thank you for reading this article. If you like it, please click and forward it!

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