Topic | the new Chinese Olympic team draft facing “top-heavy” can continue to participate in the league is still uncertain

According to the plan, the 2001 U21 national team, also known as the new Chinese National Olympic men’s football team, should be in Shanghai from February 10th to March 5th for the first period of the New Year training camp, during which the whole team has accumulated about 8 warm-up matches.However, affected by the epidemic, this team will be all the warm-up games will be “internal digestion” implementation.When Asian Football Association member associations such as Japan Football Association and Uzbekistan Football Association confirmed the selection of their Olympic age national teams for the East Asian Cup and Asian Games, China’s UNDER-21 national team, which is expected to compete in the Paris Olympics, had no choice but to take it one step at a time.From the current situation, from the perspective of improving the organizational system of professional leagues at all levels and maintaining fair competition in the league, it is difficult for the Chinese Football Association and THE PREPARATORY group of THE Chinese Football Association to continue to arrange the U21 national youth teams to participate in the new season’s mid-and lower-level professional leagues.The gap between the new Olympic team and its Asian rivals is in danger of being widened further due to a persistent lack of quality matches.The 2001 National Youth football team, also known as the new National Men’s Olympic football team, kicked off the first training session of the New Year in Shanghai on February 10 to prepare for the first phase of the Paris Olympic Football qualifiers in March next year.It is worth noting that a total of 50 players were selected for this period of the training squad, among which there is no lack of players like Tao Qianglong, Liu Zhurun, Ai Fielding, Ling Jie, who are gradually playing the main force in professional leagues at all levels.For the Team of Olympic hopefuls, getting started early in the year of the Tiger means more than just getting started early.As the new season of the Chinese Super League and leagues is likely to start in late April, whether the U21 team will be able to play in the lower and middle professional leagues as it has done in the past two seasons is still up in the air.At present, a large number of players in the team have been able to play the main force or substitute at all levels of the league, in order to avoid the training of the National youth team will affect their participation in the club’s pre-season preparation and competition, so the first two training sessions of the New Year had to be arranged in advance.After the first training on March 5th, the whole team will rest for less than a week and reassemble around March 10th, and then train until the end of the month.In this way, players can return to clubs and have more than two weeks to prepare.Beijing Youth Daily has learned that cheng Yaodong, head coach of the U21 national team, recruited 50 players to attend the training camp, on the one hand to fully investigate the elite players of the right age for the Paris Olympic Games, on the other hand to meet the needs of the competition.The team has not been able to play in an official international competition for the past two years or so after being eliminated from the Asian Youth Qualifiers that year due to the epidemic.As the 2021 Season of the Chinese Super League did not end until January this year, a considerable number of players experienced an unprecedented busy season, the body appeared varying degrees of fatigue and injury, in this case, the coaching staff has to prepare more “troops” to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations that may occur during the training.It is reported that in order to ensure the quality of preparation and accurately grasp the ability and physical condition of selected players, the coaching staff arranged nearly 8 warm-up matches in this training camp.Of course, all competitions are internal teaching competitions.It is worth noting that more than 20 of the players selected for the U21 training squad are offensive players, while the rest about half of the players are middle and backcourt players.From the specific candidates, including Tao Qianglong, Liu Zhurun, Ai Fielding, Ling Jie these active in the last season at all levels of professional league forward line players have been drafted.As long as they maintain their normal level, they have a great hope of entering the Olympic preparation “intensive” squad.In fact, the coaching staff in the selection of attack line candidates will not be too difficult, the real headache for them is in fact, the selection of the back court.It is understood that compared with the 1999 age group last national youth team, the 2001 age group national Youth team in the middle and back field, especially the central axis of choice is relatively narrow.For example, jiang Shenglong, Wu Shaocong and Zhu Chenjie of the 1999 National Youth Team are not only regular players in their clubs, but also in the national team squad.But 2001 age group national youth team waist, central defender and other positions on the candidate is not good to talk about.One of the main reasons for this is that, compared to strikers, midfield players are rarely guaranteed a regular appearance at their respective clubs, and some never even get a chance to play in the league.Although affected by the “ebb tide of gold and yuan”, foreign players have faded out from the domestic professional football field in bulk, but most of them are attacking players, even if the clubs arrange the top, it is difficult to arrange young players to take up important positions in the middle and back of each team or the main force substitute.At this point, it has to mention the 2001 age national youth team is facing the lack of high-level actual combat exercise of the embarrassing reality.While the value of the team’s training in the lower and middle leagues has been evident over the past two seasons, the idea of a Chinese team playing in a professional league has been controversial in soccer circles.After the defeat of the National football team in the top 12, do well in the Chinese Super League and all levels of league, become the common voice in the industry.Therefore, in terms of maintaining the professional nature of the league and ensuring the fairness of the competition system, quite a number of people in the industry are opposed to the practice of national teams participating in the league, which is also the reason why up to now, the U21 National youth Team has not been confirmed whether it will participate in the corresponding league in the new season.If the U21 national team does not have enough games to play, the real ability of the midfield and backcourt players, who have no ball to play in their clubs, will not be guaranteed.Tao Qianglong national youth team coaching staff actually also on the possibility of the team this year was shut out of the league expressed considerable concern.After all, due to the impact of the epidemic, it is difficult for the team to carry out international warm-up in a short period of time except for training behind closed doors.If the team is unable to join the professional league as in the past two seasons, it can only be solved by inviting some local clubs or youth teams to play teaching matches. However, the value or effect of such training is self-evident.It is understood that the majority of the eligible players who will represent China in the Men’s football team in Paris Olympic Games will be selected from the current U21 squad of 50 players.After this period training, training squad will be further streamlined.To the next training camp, only more than 30 players participate in the training.From that point of view, the competition within this team is very intense.According to the coaching staff’s plan, the team will enter an intensive internal instructional game cycle from February 20.Each participating player will receive an average of three appearances.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Xiao Yuan editor xu Zhao

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