Trade unknown Lakers can target buyout market!One of the four is a perfect complement

With the trade deadline over, the highly anticipated Lakers are virtually unknown, without any new signings.Many teams have tinkered with their rosters, and the Lakers may not be out of luck.With a lot of players coming up for buyout, the lakers can focus on making small improvements, and four players are perfect additions for the lakers.No. 1: Dragic The Lakers have no shortage of guards, but they don’t have a playmaker on the defensive line to help lebron.Dragic came to Toronto is also on the verge of a buyout, the lakers must seize the opportunity.After all, Westbrook can’t drive the system, lacks shooting ability and has frequent turnovers.Tucker was more focused on running the offense, and Nunn was slow to return.With at least Davis and Howard at center, dragic would be a temporary starter to share lebron’s playmaking burden, and his shooting ability would make Jamey more comfortable on the offensive end.That would put Westbrook on the bench as the team’s sixth man of the year, and the lakers’ guard reserve would be more plentiful once Nunn returns.Lebron has been playing extremely tired since the start of the season, and having a European-style guard like Dragic can relieve a lot of the pressure and physical strain.Thompson is a longtime acquaintance of lebron’s and a major contributor to lebron’s championship success.Thompson, now traded to the Pacers, is essentially waived and has the attributes to be a backup center for the Lakers, although Vogel is reluctant to use Howard, Thompson would be a favorite of lebron.Thompson plays better defense, rebounds better, transitions faster than Howard, and the key is his relationship with lebron.He can be signed for minimum salary, and Davis will need a backup to be the team’s second center anyway.No. 3: Benbury The Nets cut Benbury after the trade with the 76ers, even though he wasn’t a great role player.But benbury’s motivation should be recognized this season. Benbury worked hard on defense this season, and he shot more than 50 percent on offense and 40 percent from 3-point range.Benbury himself can swing multiple positions, is the Nets outside the main defender.The lakers have an aging front line, with trevor Ariza aging, Carmelo Anthony weak on offense and mike Tucker lacking shooting ability. Benbury could be a rotation player.After all, he is young, at least the lakers deserve to have the fight.4. Gary Harris Harris has gone downhill since he left the Nuggets, but he’s still a great shooter.This year, the lakers have only monk on the back line who can shoot well, and Tucker’s three-point consistency is erratic.Harris is not part of the future plans of the Magic, who are rebuilding and negotiating a buyout with the team.And if the Lakers can get Harris this shooter, no doubt can increase their offensive firepower.With Harris and Monk on the court, the lakers are a bigger threat on the perimeter.This year’s lakers don’t seem to have much of a chance of making a big trade. Davis and lebron aren’t for sale. Westbrook is too hot to let go.Other players are either very good value or not worth trading at all.It’s going to take some tinkering to improve the team, and a few buyouts would be an opportunity for the lakers.

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