Zhang Jiaqi recent situation: 17 years old lovely girl, like dolls, was replaced by Quan Hong Chan, is about to say goodbye

Beijing time on April 4, recently, the Chinese diving team has undergone a major adjustment, for a big change of blood.The task of replacing old and new has been quietly completed unconsciously.Many young players have been pushed to the front as they prepare for the Paris Games.Among them, the women’s double 10 meters Taiwan project, full red Chan formally replace Zhang Jiaqi and Chen Taro xi composition of women’s double 10 meters Taiwan partner, full red chan was entrusted with heavy responsibility, have impact Paris Olympic Games double champion goal!Beijing time on April 3, according to the CCTV report, in order to test the results of this year’s winter training, the national diving team launched a single test and double test competition, national Swimming Association president Zhou Jihong participated in the whole process, especially hard.And women’s 10 meters platform single test results have been out, to participate in the candidates are Ren Qian, Zhang Jiaqi and Chen Yucxi, and quan Hong Chan due to injury continue to be absent.Zhang Jiaqi did not finish well in the 5253B movement, scoring only 57.60 points.According to beiqing Daily, Zhangjiaqi will focus on his studies in the future.Zhangjiaqi will turn 18 in May this year. At this time, Zhangjiaqi is in the period of rapid development of his body, which also has a great impact on the competition and training.And just full 15 years old Full hong Chan, also do not have to face the difficulties of physical development.Both the technical level and the state of mind are invincible in diving, replacing Zhang Jiaqi is also a very reasonable thing.Once Zhangjiaqi like full red chan amazing, and full red chan was born and her inspirational past, let Zhangjiaqi body light weakened many.In order to do the best diving, academic performance has to be suspended.Zhang Jiaqi once took the college entrance examination, but due to lack of preparation due to training, she failed, which also made her parents worried about her academic future.Fortunately, recently also came a good news for Zhang Jiaqi.Zhang Jiaqi has passed the preliminary examination of Beijing Sport University’s recommendation for admission to elite athletes in 2022, and is certain to be admitted to a prestigious university.Therefore, Zhang Jiaqi will cherish this opportunity and transfer his focus to his academic future.Zhang Jiaqi has been very naughty since he was a child. He loves jumping on the bed at home and once broke the spring of the bed at home.In 2008, zhang jiaqi was sent by his mother to a gymnastics club in Beijing’s Dongcheng District for gymnastics training, but after practicing for a period of time, he was dismissed by the coach because his body was not suitable for gymnastics.As a result, Zhang Jiaqi was sent to the Diving club of the General Administration of Sport of China, and began to learn swimming and diving, which started zhang Jiaqi’s diving career.Sometimes, there are too many winners in the diving team.They’re so bright, they forget that they’re just kids.More ignored, their hidden behind, such as the pool water as hard and difficult.Zhang Jiaqi, only 17 years old, took the Olympic gold medal, facing the camera milk voice milk said: “I also want barbie!”That’s when we realized she was just a kid, too.So don’t because of the cruel competition of the diving team, whether it is life or diving on Zhangjiaqi too harsh, Zhangjiaqi can do now is not easy.On the field, they are the heroes of the thorns;Off the court, they are who they really are.Like many teenage girls, Zhangjiaqi’s micro blog is full of cute selfies.And when talking about chasing after stars, it is two eyes shine, the girl’s mind completely written on the face.The more careless they are about injuries and weight control, the louder they are, the more pain they have hidden behind their glamour.Nowadays, the appearance of these young talent after 2000 is so lovely that we forget what they have suffered.The reason many fans and friends regard them as “national girls” is because they have a rare tenacity.Therefore, I also wish Zhang Jiaqi better and better in the future, whether in study or life, as free and comfortable as in the water.(Lin Xiaoshi)

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