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On March 16th, the Financial Stability and Development Committee of The State Council held a special meeting. After that, China’s capital market rose sharply.The U.S. stock market surged in the early hours of March 17 as the Federal Reserve dropped the boot on raising interest rates for the first time since December 2018.In a sensitive time window, China has sent out a positive signal of stabilizing expectations, the market and development, demonstrating that China’s monetary policy is “self-centered” and stability means confidence.The special meeting of the Financial Stability and Development Committee of The State Council studied the current economic situation and capital market issues.It has responded to a series of hot issues such as monetary policy, Chinese concept stocks, platform economic governance, real estate and so on.The conference gave clear responses to the three major concerns of the market. First, for real estate enterprises, it is necessary to timely study and put forward strong and effective risk prevention and mitigation plans, and put forward supporting measures for the transformation to a new development model.Second, on Chinese concept shares, Chinese and US regulators have maintained good communication and made positive progress. We are working on concrete cooperation plans.The Chinese government will continue to support all kinds of enterprises to list overseas.Third, with regard to macroeconomic performance, we must implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee, invigorate the economy in the first quarter, proactively respond to monetary policy, and maintain appropriate growth in new loans.In this regard, triggered the capital market front-line financial institutions, listed companies and industry experts and other aspects of the positive evaluation and feedback.Over the past period of time, China’s monetary policy has clearly contributed to the steady growth of the national economy, and has produced good results. As a result, China’s national economy recovered better than expected in the first two months of this year.However, in March, there were repeated outbreaks in Korea, and the effect of credit easing needs to be further demonstrated.At present, market confidence needs to be further consolidated.This special meeting, has the important significance that prepares for a rainy day, highlighted our country monetary policy “forward send force” posture.Consequently, this special topic meeting became our country capital market an important turning point.On March 16, the A-share market responded, Hong Kong stocks, especially Hong Kong Internet companies also rose, obviously, investors have gained great confidence.Confidence is more important to markets than gold at any time.But how to capture the confidence of the market?As emphasized in this special meeting, “Relevant departments should earnestly assume their responsibilities, actively introduce market-friendly policies, and prudently introduce contraction-oriented policies.We should respond promptly to hot issues of market concern.Policies that have a significant impact on capital markets should be coordinated with financial authorities in advance to maintain the stability and consistency of policy expectations.”Take the initiative to respond, with me as the main, stability is confidence.Review of coordinating editor: Chen Yuyao | : li zhen | director: jun-wei wan

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