All of a sudden, the profit margin is 80%!Net friend: Too ridiculous

As the Lunar New Year approaches, many young people are keen on reading the stars to predict their future jobs or marriage. Is there any basis for these so-called fortune-telling activities?What kind of secret is hidden behind it?Xiao Yuewen is a psychological consultant. When she was in high school, a friend invited her to a tarot card divination house because it predicted the future very well.After studying for her undergraduate and master’s degrees in psychology, Xiao reviewed the soothsayer’s prediction of the future and found that what she said was just common sense.Are young people superstitious about astrology and “fortune-telling” or seeking comfort?A reporter spent 19.90 yuan to predict his career fortune at a fortune-telling studio under the guise of psychological counseling.The reporter said he had just experienced layoffs and was starting his own business.The astrologers immediately pandered.Astrologer: means your financial resources are uncertain, your financial resources are illogical, suddenly come, suddenly may not be.Wang Kui, associate researcher at the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences: Fortune tellers speak in general terms. What they say can happen to almost everyone.Take advantage of people’s differences in focus and say something vague.Sellers claim profit margins of up to 80 per cent. For bad luck, fortune-tellers suggest buying “good luck” items to change your fortune.Reporters see, in the divination hall, filled with a variety of trans-shipment goods.Tarot Astrologer: This thing can actually be changed.Just because this result is hard to change doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.There are crystals, candles.Transshipment goods are characterized by high prices, with a “wish” bracelet priced at 598 yuan and a “cause” bracelet priced at 888 yuan.”The profit margin can reach 80 percent,” one seller said. “Don’t think it’s expensive. It’s all about humanity.”In the comments of divination consultation, there were consumer complaints, and two different customers got exactly the same answer.What consumers are paying for is general comfort.Wang Kui, associate researcher at the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences: If someone takes advantage of your anxiety, anxiety and confusion and tells you that he can reverse your fate in three or five days by some means if he spends thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, it’s best not to believe him.Netizen 1: It’s hard to understand. It’s outrageous.Netizen 2: Unbelievable, in what age still people believe these netizen 3: look at me embarrassed cancer commit, this is not fraud?!Netizen 4: Believe in science!Source: Huanqiu comprehensive extreme news, CCTV finance, netizen comments

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