All things grow when rain comes

Good rain season, when spring is the occurrence of the wind into the night, moistening things silently today (February 19) 0:42 ushered in the 24 solar terms of the second solar term ancient book “seventy-two hou set solution” records: “in the first month, a day of water.The beginning of spring is wood, but the wood will be water, so the rain after the beginning of spring.And the east wind is thawed, then scattered and rain.”Ancient rainwater can be divided into three hou hou TaJi fish two hou hong yan to three hou vegetation to be at this time the spring breeze to blow again, melting the air moist, rain in the “spring rain moistens everything silently” vegetation began to sprout green spring beautiful beings will slowly spread out before our eyes the rain comes early spring temperatures has started slowly recovered but big temperature gap between day and night to pay attention to cold warm spleen qi,In this warm and beautiful day, let us live up to the spring scenery and strive forward!Poster production/copywriting Wei Huimin/Yajun supervised production/Zhang Zhenhua Cuo chief supervised production/Chen Hai Lei copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact us immediately

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