As of Today, 18,891 new patients in Tokyo have been infected with COVID-19, with 57.6 percent of them using hospital beds

According to Fuji News on February 10, 18,891 novel coronavirus cases were reported in Tokyo on February 10.The number fell from 20,679 on the same day last week.The number of severe cases in Tokyo city is 175, with 13 deaths reported.The utilization rate of hospital beds was 57.6 percent.The utilization rate of beds for severe patients was 23.3 percent.The average number of tests in Tokyo in recent days was 20,562.According to age group, 2,998 people under the age of 10 were newly infected.2150 people in 10 generations;3,032 people in 20 generations;3171 people in 30 generations;3260 people in 40 generations;50 generations, 1,911;1010 people in 60 generations;709 people in 70 generations;485 people in the 80 generation;152 people in 90 generations;Seven are over 100 years old.

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