Fried fish hot search, the original behind the company in the power

Shanghai citizens under lockdown are receiving unified distribution of food gift packages, “airdrop” of different ingredients.The fried hairtail of Changning even once boarded the heat search, a hairtail cooking of each outstanding talent attracts many envy.So, so many hairtail fish almost put on the table of changning residents at the same time, who is behind the guarantee of transport?Originally, as early as April 1 solstice 2, puxi has just entered the traffic control, fedex’s response changning district called “vegetable basket” tasks, in accordance with the requirements for prevention and settlement nearby principle, the first organization of the ground operation department employees to fedex volunteer team and delivery vehicles, on investment “for” a line,Allocation, distribution and transportation of support materials.According to the report, based on the current epidemic prevention and control situation, fedex has equipped all volunteers with a full set of protective suits and masks with higher protection level, and arranged for them to take nucleic acid tests every day.At the same time all vehicles back to the site, to do a comprehensive internal and external spraying disinfection treatment.Liu Rongjie, a supporter of fedex’s Ground operation station in Suning Road, Shanghai, is a volunteer for the delivery mission, serving as a driver and unloader.”It was a very meaningful volunteer for me.We changed into protective suits again and again, drove to different neighborhoods, passed loads of vegetables through our hands again and again, and the team of fedex volunteers worked together to make the biggest difference.”Fedex operations department senior manager RongPing (Alex Rong) is one of the volunteers: “timely in order to ensure the vegetables, meat and poultry can be sent to residents, we actively cooperate with the deployment of changning district government officials, assist tool cart, vegetables gift bag turned barge transportation and distribution, and other volunteers cooperate together to unload, and so on.Although it was late at night when we finished our work, we were proud to take full advantage of our business to participate in the community’s epidemic prevention and control!”Up to now, the fedex volunteer team has delivered materials to 23 neighborhood committees and nearly 73 communities in Xianxin Village, Changning District, with a total of about 37,000 households and 79,000 permanent residents.Source: Thoughtful Shanghai

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