How much do you know about the story of Kel ‘su ‘adde, the undead jack in world of Warcraft?

Hi, I’m Krypton. Welcome to krypton together!Krypton tells us about the world of Warcraft’s most famous lich, The Kel ‘thuzad.Like friends remember to move your little red hand to praise, recommend, pay attention to the next!Welcome to comment!The name “Kel ‘thuzad” must have played world of Warcraft players are familiar, he is the first lich king under the Lich King, served the lich King twice, in the shadow of the world as a great lich, was resurrected and killed three times.Let us begin with the life of Kel ‘thuzad, a powerful sorcerer of the human race, appointed one of the six councillors of Kenrito, and a favored protege of Antonidas, the archmage of the Chancellor dalaran;And in antonindas under the guidance of learning a lot of magic mystery and knowledge, can be said to be a bright future, and in the orc and human war for many efforts.The beginning of the fall but Kel ‘thuzad was not content with the status quo. Dalaran’s magical books contained not only magic, but also many forbidden and dark magic. Kel ‘thuzad took great care to absorb whatever knowledge he could lay his hands on.Symbol but as the orthodox magic dalaran is not allowed to touch the dark magic, then used his kelthuzad in dalaran archmage’s identity to obtain all the information about psychics, later, he has begun his own experiments, to a few small mice and small animal release of dark magic, make small animals into the undead, upset the farmer,The farmer sent word to Dalaran, and Antonidas sent a stern warning to Kel ‘thuzad, who promised not to work on the dark magic;But behind the scenes, Kel ‘thuzad secretly studied psychics.Curse the establishment of the sect deeply attracted by psychics kelthuzad, have mage a gradually, and the other the relationship is becoming more and more bad, he also left dalaran to northrend to northrend after long and tortured journey exhausted kelthuzad, one day he was practicing psychics when heard the lich Wang Nai the progenitor of the call,Finally, he knelt at the feet of the Lich King Naiozu and pledged his eternal loyalty to the lich king and sacrificed his soul. Naiozu guided him back to Lordaeron in disguise, where he spent a few years secretly founding the Cult of Cursed God.After some time had passed, the cursed sect had grown to a large scale, and Kel ‘thuzad had also become unbribed. He was discovered by the kingdom of Lordaeron in a new virus tested on humans, so the king of Lordaeron sent Prince Arthas to investigate. In the battle, Arthas killed Kel ‘thuzad.After the death of Kel ‘thuzad he was resurrected and given great power, becoming a lich under Him and giving him a new mission.As a lich, Kel ‘thuzad followed the instructions of Naiozu and led Prince Lordaeron into the abyss.Eventually Arthas went to Northrend and became the new Lich King (see “Alsatian Chronicles” for details on how Arthas became the new Lich King);Naturally, Kel ‘thuzad became the lich king’s chief lich and ruled the air fortress of Naxsamas, spreading fear and evil across Azeroth.During the Scourge’s invasion, the scourge’s aerial fortress Naxsamas reached the skies above Stantholm. Kael Thugad himself commanded the Scourge’s invasion of the Eastern Kingdom and kalimdor, and was defeated in Naxsamas by the combined forces of Silver Dawn and Azeroth.Then the Lich King fell asleep, and the land of Azeroth ushered in a brief peace.Resurrection time again for a long time, at the battle of the door of the scourge of the lich king arthas woke up, the scourge of the flying fortress to fly back to northrend to resist the attack of azeroth, also kelthuzad risen again by the lich king, then be azeroth warrior (players) and silver by the northern expeditionary army troops struck in naxx.In order to re-enter the identity of the great lich in the silver Northern expedition to eliminate the lich king Alsace, Boval Fortagen for the undead disaster not everywhere destruction, voluntarily took the royal crown became a new lich king;After being defeated by Queen Sylvanas, the Queen tore the crown crown to open the channel between the shadow world and Azeroth, Kelthuzad returned again, and as the majoxas great lichen, and became majoxas marquis Sindani’s most trusted confidant;In fact, it is all the plot of the warden Zowar, Kelsu Jiade is the warden installed in Ma Zhuoxas spy, in the warden’s instigate he blew up the litter close courtyard;And allied with Lord Ravenswoner in order to steal the heart of the shadow world and free the warden.Finally, his plot was uncovered, in the siege of Sindani, Kells as and azeroth warriors, was sent by the Warden of the Deep Oath messengers rescued, was placed by the warden in the imperial sanctuary to serve his current master, then was again destroyed in the imperial sanctuary.It remains to be seen whether Or not Kel ‘thuzad is completely cold at this point, what would you like to say as an NPC who has experienced three deaths and three lives?

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