“Product culture” spring sound has been immersed, magpie singing shop path, courtyard steps grass to Rhine

# Product culture # # Redstar online ## headlines Reading courtyard # Spring Han Qixing Spring sound has been immersed, magpie Ming shop path, courtyard steps grass to be full of Yin.The winter cold is sinking in.The cold is hard to ask.More like life water like time, in a hurry thanks profusion.How many lonely clouds are sent.A few look, wanli universe!The beginning of Spring marks the end of winter when all things are closed and the beginning of spring when the weather is warm and all things grow.In nature, the most striking feature of Start of Spring is the beginning of life.To the beginning of spring, in China’s Tropic of Cancer (huang-Chiangjiao) and its south area, can obviously feel the atmosphere of early spring.Due to China’s vast territory, large north-south span and different natural rhythms, “Start of Spring” is just a prelude to spring in many areas, and everything is still in winter when everything is closed.Painted painted painted painted painted painted          # # # #  wisdom and culture secretary general reading  editor: cultural and artistic center in the hundred will be xin hong plaques is a kind of unique folk culture of tradition of the Chinese nation.It is a hanging in the halls, pavilions, doors, gardens, hotels, hotels, shops and other units of a brand.The plaque is an indispensable part of all kinds of buildings. Its significance is equivalent to the eye of the building, and it is to inform the name and purpose of the building, as well as a business card for publicity.The calligrapher Wang Xizhi was China’s most famous and accomplished calligrapher and general.Meng Tian, a general who supervised the construction of the Great Wall of the Qin Dynasty, initiated the writing brush used today.Baijiang Culture and Art Center can invite general calligraphers and famous calligraphers to exhibit inscriptions, poems, inscription tablets and pens.Invite military celebrities and professors to speak .

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