RA lost 4 games in a row to IG, iBoy’s true form was revealed, and TES fans’ mentality collapsed

Preface: The long Spring Festival holiday has come to an end, the war of LPL spring competition reignited, the first game was IG vs RA, the two teams have one thing in common, after the first win a good start, suffered a series of defeats, in the lower position of the championship.However RA won against TES and had a small win, IG beat bottom TT and were swept 2-0 by their opponents.Finally, RA lost to IG and suffered 4 consecutive losses, iBoy was exposed Cube was questioned, TES fans mentality collapsed!In the first game, RA Blue banned new hero Zeli, and then gave respect by banning Blue Shadow, Zika’s signature hero, who had five kills in LDL.IG ban planes with a high win rate, and crocodiles with a 100%ban rate, and lock Epheus and Zhao xin.RA lineup has both offense and defense, Huangzi can open the group, Tam can protect, IG lineup is around the card to play, with Zhao Xin to find opportunities is very strong, Gwynn can also go to the single belt.RA had a slight advantage in the early part of the first innings, the down duo worked perfectly with the line kill, and Le Yan did a good reverse squat, but the economy did not open.In the middle stage, XUN dominated the pace of IG, and opened the team in 20 minutes. Lucas controlled the three players, zhao Xin entered the game and R stayed behind. IG defeated RA three players and took over Dalong.In the late stage, IG played steadily, won the team battle first and then took resources, and won the Dragon in 27 minutes. In the team battle, they pulled a perfect zero for three, and with a wave of troops, they leveled the base to complete the upset. The MVP went to Gwynn of Zika, the first MVP of LPL!In the second game Zeli came out, but neither side could choose, RA still blue, ban moon cards, and help the Prophet to hammer the stone.IG went with Epheus, paired with Lucas’s Titan, XUN went with Foyego against Blind Monk, Conter went with Zika, and Jay-z went with Gwen.Both teams are multi-core, with RA having to accumulate equipment in the late stages and IG in the middle and early stages, depending on the pace of XUN.When XUN reached level 3, he hit the tower and helped Zika get a hit health. Cube’s cable crashed.RA can obviously not help the road to fight against the road to help IG, IG accelerated the pace in the middle, the development of the upper field is very fat, 17 minutes ahead of 5,000 economy, Zika Poke no solution, help the team listen to the dragon soul.In 26 minutes, RA tried to catch Zika but was destroyed. IG easily defeated Tai Lung, and later in the month, IG beat RA by 10,000 to win the game. The MVP went to Foyego of XUN.Kegewang concluded that IG ended the losing streak to get a precious point, while RA fell into the dilemma of four consecutive losses. IBoy showed its true identity and became more and more depressed. It was once one of the three new generation AD, but now it cannot recover after a setback.The last Cube was also in poor form, with a split line and a loose ball, and was educated by Zika for two innings. RA’s strength was questioned for a time, and it was almost impossible for RA to make the playoffs.The most uncomfortable should be TES fans, how bad is it to lose to RA?Can not help but think of the RW, hope to adjust.What do you think is the cause of RA’s four-game losing streak?

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