The Disinformation war that the United States and the West are keen to see from Ukraine crisis

Days have passed since the two dates of “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”, which were touted by some Western media, “February 15” and “February 16”, which was predicted by US intelligence agencies and briefed by President Joe Biden to his Allies. However, the war has not broken out, and the Us and the West are “smirking”.But the war of disinformation that hovers over Ukraine continues, and even intensifies.Why the West and the United States are so eager to spread disinformation about the Crisis in Ukraine that it is dragging a country far away from them into war begins with the security agreement That Russia proposed to the United States and NATO late last year.On December 15, 2021, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov handed over two documents to VISITING U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Fried, including the Russian proposal on “security guarantees.”In the plan, Russia demanded that “the United States promise to exclude the possibility of further eastward expansion of NATO, and refuse to admit the former Soviet republics into NATO”, while Ukraine, as the second largest Soviet ally after Russia, was obviously not allowed to join NATO by Russia.With Ukraine at the crossroads of European and Russian geopolitics, geography matters.In order to prevent Ukraine from becoming an outpost of “deterrence” and “weakness”, Russia has to counter Ukraine.In February 2019, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted a constitutional amendment defining Ukraine’s policy of joining the European Union and NATO, giving an answer to the question of “Pro-Russian” or “pro-American”.Therefore, western countries, represented by the United States and Britain, came to Ukraine and threw the olive branch, which was bound to be infected with “blood”.On the surface, all parties to the United States and Russia the announced that it would “build complete unified Europe” as a common goal, but in the United States secretly maximize the use of various means in Europe continue to manufacture and apply colours to a drawing atmosphere of “fear of Russia”, forcefully to NATO’s eastward expansion to Russia around constantly, trying to build a listen to the words of “Europe”.Among them, the war of false information is an important part of the Division of The United States and Western Europe.Russia since the end of last year to the United States and NATO were put forward to ensure NATO enlargement as the core points not the safety of the draft agreement, and request the latter to provide written after the security, the western part of the politicians and the media and opened a massive hype, a public opinion of “Russia for the invasion of Ukraine” storm is taking shape quietly, and even the U.S. President Joe biden himself “play”,The “start date” was publicly announced as February 16th.Not a shot was fired on February 16th, and even more, the Russian army released a large number of videos of its withdrawal, as if to say, “Look, the American fool.”Still, Russia underestimated the ability of Western politicians and media to lie through their teeth. Even as Russian troops and their tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled artillery were all seen riding across the Crimean bridge on their way back to their permanent home in Russia, the American and Western one-man show continued on its own.On February 16th Jens Stoltenberg, NATO’s secretary-general, was praised by Blinken, America’s secretary of state, for saying that “Russia seems to be continuing its surge”.On the same day, U.S. State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters that U.S. concerns about A Russian invasion of Ukraine continue to grow, and that “Washington doesn’t see a de-escalation, it sees an escalation.”I don’t know from which eye America looks.In recent years, completely abandon the news independent cheek by jowl with government departments also not idle, the beauty of the west mainstream media 16, cable news network (CNN), the Associated Press quoted the so-called “anonymous senior government officials as saying that” “Russian not only no withdrawal, rather to deploying 7000 troops along the border”.What’s more ridiculous is that Insider Paper published on social media that BLINken said that Russia’s excuse for attacking Ukraine could be the use of fake chemical weapons.Tut, tut, tut, tut, tut, tut, tut, tut, tut, tut, tut.No one knows “laundry detergent” better than the United States.”I believe Russia is going to invade Ukraine in the next few days,” Biden told reporters.In fact, we all know that the most direct reason why the United States continues to fabricate disinformation to create the fear that Russia will invade Ukraine is to sell arms to Ukraine.On January 22, the US embassy in Ukraine announced the first shipment of “military aid” ordered by US President Joe Biden, including about 90 tons of “lethal” equipment.On January 24th a second shipment of defensive equipment from the United States, worth $200m, was also delivered to Ukraine, to which American officials said they were “willing to provide greater assistance”.In the face of such a market, many of America’s Allies also want a piece of the action.Britain has taken the lead in providing Ukraine with a “light defensive anti-armour weapon system” following the arrival of the first us arms. A small group of British personnel will be sent to Provide training.Germany, meanwhile, said it “will not supply arms to Ukraine, but will support Ukraine in other forms, including providing a field hospital.”Selling weapons can not rob the United States, but there will be casualties in the war, then I will sell hospitals, it can be said is another way, in the group to make money on the road tricks.So, if Russia doesn’t attack Ukraine, what will happen to all the cattle the PRESIDENT of the United States blows out?How can the US and its Allies continue to sell weapons?As a netizen said: “If there is no war, force Russia to fight. If there is no war, show Russia to fight.””The U.S. can’t wait. If Russia doesn’t invade, maybe the U.S. will go instead.”In the face of these false information constantly released by the United States and the West, the fighting nation is also full fire, cynicism and cynicism in the root of the silver needle.”February 15, 2022 will go down in history as the day the West lost its propaganda war,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote on social media on February 15, the day western media launched a campaign to mark the “day of war.”Similarly, on The 16th, she wrote again, “Ask the disinformation mass media in the US and UK — Bloomberg, The New York Times, the Sun, etc. — to publish our ‘invasion’ schedule for the coming year. I want to plan my vacation.”Released in the face of the British foreign secretary, Elizabeth, the so-called “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may declare,” Mr. Hello Eva, “British foreign secretary must apologize for its spreading lies, she must be in Russia, Ukraine and the British people, and the mass media to believe her statement before an apology.”When British Foreign Minister Tou Tieyi once again spoke about the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine, calling on The Russian side to issue a statement proving that Russia will not invade Ukraine, Zakharova said, “British destroyers across the Black Sea, so we have a strong feeling that Britain wants to invade us, please first prove that Britain does not want to invade Russia.”Even better is this: “In order to make the war started, the Western media first from their own newspaper pages, and to this end, they did their best.”Right to the point, it exposes the ugly face of western politicians and media in the United States.In addition, the disinformation war launched by the US and the West against Russia also “hit” the Battlefield of China.On Sunday, a verified Weibo account called “British Prime Minister” posted a message in Chinese urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to avoid decisions that could have disastrous consequences.Immediately, the Official account of the Russian Embassy in China forwarded the British Prime Minister’s blog post on The 16th and responded, pointing out that it is absurd for the US and the West to further incite war sentiment, and such propaganda is actually “information terrorism”.This picture reminds me of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying in Chinese, “Hello, nice to meet you” in the Parliament not long ago.At first glance, it seems very funny, but in fact, it is very scary.The us and the West cannot be underestimated in shaping public opinion. They use false information to create public opinion storms to weaken, destroy or even collapse other countries. This “weapon” is no less powerful than any other weapon.The UK’s use of Chinese “propaganda” against Russia on Chinese social media platforms is aimed at “involving” China in the Ukraine crisis, so as to help the US transform NATO to target the Asia-Pacific region, especially China, which the US dislikes the most.In fact, with the increasingly developed Internet, the impact of information brought to ordinary people every day is very strong, and false information is spread wantonly, which has caused a lot of tragic rumors.The Us and the West have also taken this into account and stepped up their efforts to use disinformation warfare to “invade” China.Taking the Winter Olympics as an example, Malaysian economic historian Lim Teh-yee book combed the us and Western media’s related reports on the Winter Olympics in China, and concluded that these media are also holding a “china-bashing contest using the Winter Olympics”.A close analysis of us western media coverage of the Winter Olympics so far reveals a tendency to emphasize the superiority of Western values and institutions, anti-Chinese issues, racism and a little independent factual reporting.And all this from the so-called mainstream media, which always prides itself on integrity, independence, transparency and professional ethics.The academic also carefully ranked the “competitions”, in which CNN won gold, Yahoo silver and the BBC bronze.For example, the BBC deliberately erased su yiming’s words of gratitude to her parents, coach and motherland when it reported that The Chinese player Su Yiming won the gold medal, and deliberately emphasized that Su could not have “close contact” with her parents in the audience, so as to maliciously lead overseas people to think of China’s “strict control” on individuals.In line with the “mainstream” view that the Us and the West have long slandering China’s “lack of human rights”, it perfectly demonstrates what it is to do evil without lying.At present, although the United States and Russia both said that “there will not be a direct military conflict between major powers”, but the Ukraine crisis has not been resolved, in the battlefield of public opinion full of false information, the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine may continue to be tense.It is obviously unrealistic to advise the Us and the West to stop inciting and spreading false information. It is more worth thinking about how to actively deal with the “reshaping” of people’s ideas caused by public opinion.Pictures from the Internet

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