We will set an example and lead and adopt multiple measures to ensure that the building of clean organs takes root in party offices

Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee Office took the lead in implementing the relevant requirements of municipal Party committee on promoting the construction of clean Chenzhou and issued several Measures on Promoting the Construction of clean Organs, comparing with the standards of “high, unified, fast, precise and strict”.From the political construction leadership, high standards and strict requirements of supervision and restraint, the construction of integrity unit, the construction of integrity culture, the establishment and improvement of integrity system, strengthen integrity guarantee and so on six aspects to continuously and effectively promote the construction of integrity organs, to ensure that the municipal party committee office in all aspects of the work in the province and the city.Consistently build model incorruptible organs.On the one hand, strengthen the implementation of the incorruptible system, from the political construction of leadership, high standards and strict requirements of supervision and restraint, the construction of incorruptible unit, the construction of incorruptible culture, the establishment and improvement of incorruptible system, strengthen incorruptible guarantee and other six aspects of continuous and effective promotion of incorruptible organ construction.On the other hand, strengthen the awareness of incorruptible culture, with theoretical study group municipal party committee office collective learning, monthly “book club”, the party branch “three will be a lesson”, thematic party day activity, party history study education activities as the carrier, through expert lectures, project learning, center spokesman, exchange experience, continuously deepen its warning education,Further enhance party members and cadres “three no” awareness, integrity awareness.We will continue to foster a culture of clean governance run by the Party.Highlight the characteristics of accounting computerization in the party room, party building learning reading room, conference room and other places set up honest knowledge publicity column, important meeting place now hang the party construction of all staff handwritten message map, the organic integration, cultural genes and honest party construction elements, make staff further grounding of the mind, promote integrity accomplishment.Make full use of all kinds of activities, organize party members and cadres to ru Cheng Sha Chau, East Kwai Sha Tin, women’s volleyball bamboo pavilion and other educational bases, accept the baptism of thought, self-cultivation of cool breeze and integrity.Continue to integrate the civilized and safe establishment of municipal party committee office, joint community, rural revitalization and other work, release the radiation and driving effect of the construction of clean organs, and use clean culture to cultivate the “three services” work level.Ensure clean construction quality and efficiency.We will fully implement the system of heart-to-heart talks on improving Party conduct and clean government. As soon as we return to work after the Spring Festival in 2022, we will hold a New Year’s Talk on clean government for all department-level officials.Adhere to the party conduct and clean government construction in an important position, at the beginning of every year, the municipal Party Office system of the party conduct and clean government construction and anti-corruption work conference, watch the warning education film, arrangement and deployment of the annual key work, continue to sing the “clean song”, tighten the “string of discipline”.Actively support and cooperate with the discipline inspection and supervision group of the Municipal Party Committee office to play a functional role, and take the lead in establishing and improving the “clean government files” of section-level cadres among the municipal organs.We further improved and optimized the system process, revised and printed the New Rules of the New Era, which became the “system treasure book” and authoritative reference of the city’s organs and units.We will carry out a wide range of activities to select civilized and clean families, promote good family habits, and make incorruptibility and integrity a common trend in party management.(Office of CPC Chenzhou Municipal Committee, Discipline Inspection And Supervision Group of CPC Chenzhou Municipal Committee Office of CPC Inspection and Supervision Commission)

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