We will use the rule of law to protect the people’s better lives

Peace is the first demand of the people, but also the tireless pursuit of political and legal workers.In 2021, under the leadership of the communist party is strong, the city of political science and law system to xi jinping, a new era the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth implementation of xi jinping, the rule of law thoughts, fully implement the party’s 19th and the 19th session of the previous session, province the 11th party congress, the city of sixth party congress spirit, stick to the development of high quality theme, loyal role and responsible, initiative to bear as,We will do our best to guard against risks, ensure security, safeguard stability, and promote development. The construction of a safe and law-based Shangqiu has reached a new level, the modernization of municipal social governance has been significantly improved, the defense line of fairness, justice and justice has been strengthened, and the people have a greater sense of gain, a more sustainable sense of happiness, and a greater sense of security.The Party is the eternal root and soul of political and judicial organs.The political loyalty of the political and legal forces is directly related to the ruling status of the Party and the long-term stability of the country.In 2021, the education of the political and legal team is undoubtedly the highlight.The city of political science and law system carry listing with compaction responsibilities, charting a clear working process, the institutionalization of norms to run the program, formed to study education setting heart soul, to keep shock case investigation, in order to accurate the ills of crucial control, to promote the work pattern of YingMo call tree upright, through thrift built prison policemen loyalty foundations of politics and law school,It has successfully completed the “three links” and “four tasks”, and realized the “three basic” work goals put forward by the provincial Party Committee.The Municipal Political and Legal Committee of the CPC Municipal Committee takes the education rectification as a major measure to practice the “Two maintenance”, closely focuses on the positioning of political organs, establishes the consciousness of “both participant and organizer”, strengthens organizational leadership, scientifically plans, effectively conducts responsibility, and constantly pushes the education rectification to go deeper and deeper.The Municipal Intermediate People’s Court has designated 2021 as the year of standardized construction. Focusing on chronic problems, the Court has formulated and improved more than 300 systems and mechanisms for trial execution, trial management, government affairs management, and team building, so as to ensure that the work of trial execution has rules to follow and evidence to rely on.The Municipal People’s Procuratorate deeply integrated party building with team building and professional work, successively issued 21 rules and regulations, issued and recovered more than 1,800 questionnaires, and collected 578 opinions and suggestions, truly allowing the public to participate in the process of education rectification and letting the public judge its effect.The municipal Public Security Bureau focused on key work such as clue verification, case handling, stubborn and chronic disease treatment, and refined the requirements of the “four tasks” and “three links” into 83 key tasks. The integration of cities and counties, inverted construction period, wall map operation, precise progress.The municipal Bureau of Justice has carried out a series of educational practice activities to build an iron army of judicial administration that satisfies the Party and the people, and held training courses on party history study, with 265 sessions and more than 2,600 person-times of concentrated study.County (city, district) party committees set up leading groups to tighten the responsibility chain.Municipal and county discipline inspection commissions, organizations, publicity and other departments work together to form a strong joint work force.Scrape bone cure poison, fierce medicine to rotch;Party flag leading, battle flag hunting.In 2021, the city’s political and legal team construction fruitful: the city’s courts 19 collective and 34 individuals were recognized by the provincial and ministerial level above, the city’s intermediate court was rated by the Supreme People’s Court as “National Advanced Unit of Court Party Construction work”, 47 officers won the Supreme Court issued the “honorary balance commemorative medal”;City attorney for the fourth time by the “national civilized unit”, the city prosecutors 14 (times) collective and 55 (time) by policemen recognition (above city-level) and control on the procuratorial department has been named by the Supreme People’s Procuratorate for the tenth national procuratorial organ “civilized” reception room, of the director of the city’s procuratorate tenth Xu Yunli was named the provincial people’s satisfaction of civil servants;118 units and 863 policemen of the city’s public security organs were commended at or above the municipal level. The network management Center of the Police Order Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Exit and Entry Management Brigade of the Yongcheng Public Security Bureau were named as the 20th National Youth Civilization Group. The Chengguan Police Station of Xiayi County Public Security Bureau was awarded the collective First-class merit by the Ministry of Public Security.Chen Zongzhi, leader of the Organized crime Investigation Team of The Municipal Public Security Bureau, was awarded the honorary title of “Second-level Hero and Model of national Public Security System” by the Ministry of Public Security, and Wang Zuxin, policeman of Yucheng County Public Security Bureau, was awarded the “Safe hero” of national political and legal system.The city for the first time into the province in accordance with the administrative examination of top, city judicial bureau won the national “>” the franco-prussian work advanced unit, the history of the people’s conciliation committee and village of minquan county oasis street agency shop village won the national model respectively between the people mediation committee, the national democratic rule of law demonstration village, Hui County ChengJiao Township full-time mediator Wei Shumin was rated as the star of “peace”;The Suiyang District was selected as “2021 Grassroots social governance Innovation Area” by the “Law-based Daily”, and the Suiyang District, Yongcheng and Minquan county were selected as the advanced units of the province’s law-based county (city, district) creation activities……Deepening “SanLing” create ramming foundation construction insisted that peace city into seven shangqiu city construction, deepening to zero petitioners, zero accident and zero “SanLing” create case, keep the masses XinFangLiang, criminal cases decreased both situation, improve the people’s feeling, happiness and security.Original MV “ancient capital of shangqiu peaceful long Ann sung songs and opera version widely among the masses, more than 50, ten thousand people to take an active part in online answer” SanLing “create knowledge competition, the legal daily, henan shangqiu daily” SanLing create progress “in the mainstream media such” create peace building strong city, display of political science and law bear as “column,The new achievements made by the political and judicial organs in escorting high-quality development were fully demonstrated, and the public’s awareness and participation rate in the construction of safety increased significantly.We organized the “100-day action” to investigate and resolve conflicts and disputes and prevent homicide cases, as well as the “millions and millions of projects” for people’s mediation, with the resolution rate of conflicts and disputes remaining above 95 percent.Maintaining security and stability is the primary responsibility of political and judicial organs.As an important starting point for building a strong city with safe construction, it took the lead in setting up a regular working organization in the province to guarantee the organization of the fight against Mafia and evil, and its comprehensive results in three years ranked the top in the province.In 2021, a total of 8,659 criminal cases were concluded, and 585 people were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of five years or more.We strengthened legal oversight and continued to improve criminal prosecutions, arresting 5,680 criminal suspects and prosecuting 9,644.Solid progress was made in public interest litigation, and 3 cases handled were rated as typical cases of public interest litigation by procuratorial organs in the province.With the “Shangqiu Defender Cup” competition as the carrier, a regular high-quality crackdown mode was created. The average number of criminal cases dropped by 7 percentage points every year, while the average number of solved cases increased by 23 percentage points every year, and all existing homicide cases were solved for five consecutive years.We made solid progress in people’s mediation, handling 26,997 cases of people’s mediation, of which 26,776 were successful, a success rate of 98 percent.Shangqiu Prison has achieved no accidents in supervision and safety for 20 consecutive years and no accidents in production safety for 25 consecutive years, keeping the leading position in municipal prisons of the province.To answer the question “on the way to the national Examination”, which has been tempered by the great war, is a must for the realization of the second Centenary Goal.In 2021, the city’s political and legal police have always been fighting on the front line of epidemic prevention and control and service development, and have passed all the major exams.Epidemic prevention and control is a major battle.Under the serious situation of the epidemic prevention and control, the city’s politics and law police s home for everyone, regardless of their safety, overcome difficulties, fight day and night in the first line, the most basic resistance to disease, to win the epidemic war to provide a strong guarantee of political science and law, to fully demonstrate the loyalty to the party, dedicated, able to fight a political nature and mission.Improving the law-based business environment is a big test.Helped Fuli Real Estate Co., Ltd. to repair its credit, which became the first successful case of financial credit repair of a bankrupt reorganization enterprise in Our province;Assisted Huifeng Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. to coordinate and solve the related procedures of enterprise listing, and shortened the time limit of enterprise listing by three months…The city has promoted the implementation of the 20 opinions on optimizing the law-based Business Environment and 40 commitments made by the political and legal departments. The city has carried out knowledge contests of “Ten thousand people helping ten thousand Enterprises”, “Ten thousand police helping ten thousand Enterprises” and “Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment of Shangqiu City” to create a sound development environment that is relaxed, inclusive, pro-business, pro-business and secure for business.The average trial time for bankruptcy cases has been reduced by more than 310 days, and for civil and commercial cases by more than 10 days.In accordance with the principle of “fewer arrests and careful prosecution,” China carried out legal check-ups for 198 private enterprises, and carried out publicity and legal advice for 1,026 people on the resumption of work and production.Ecological environmental protection is a major test.To give full play to the judicial function of environmental resources, the two judicial protection bases of “Shengan Forest Belt for Civil Rights” and “Internationally important Wetland for Civil Rights in the old Yellow River” have been established.On the morning of November 16, 2021, the city’s first ecological environmental protection civil public interest lawsuit was heard in Qihe Township, Xiayi County.Yan, who illegally dug sand in the river without approval and without license, destroyed mineral resources, was not only investigated for criminal responsibility, but also sentenced to compensate for the damage value of mineral resources of 957,500 yuan or restore the damaged river.Serving rural revitalization is a big test.”There is a lot of garbage in the vacant lot near my house, blocking the road and smelling bad…”After receiving the public response, ningling Procuratorate immediately started the pre-litigation procedure of public interest litigation and issued procuratorial suggestions to the three units.Subsequently, the three units immediately organized personnel to clean up about 5 tons of garbage and repair more than 3,000 square meters of land, effectively improving the local people’s living environment.In the face of the current grassroots heavy burden, difficult to resolve conflicts, information construction lag and other difficulties, Shangqiu political and legal people good at biting hard bones.In 2021, the city will continue to improve the new social governance service system of “Party building + One center and four platforms”, effectively improve the management level of “big data + grid”, and change grassroots governance from the “solo” of the competent departments to the “chorus” of 39 municipal units, and the “four beams and eight pillars” of grassroots governance will become more solid.At present, the city’s 197 township (town, street) have set up a comprehensive service center and social governance ZongZhi working platform and convenient service platform, platform of comprehensive law enforcement, emergency management platform and into the grid management list 10 major categories, categories of 59, 350 events, covers the policing, conflict mediation, handling reception, public service, etc. All aspects of the work at the grass-roots level.According to the principles of territorial management, geographical layout and current situation management, the administrative villages (communities) of the city are divided into 16,887 general grid, with 18,777 full-time and part-time general grid members, and the people, land, property, service and organization are all brought into the grid management.Through household visits, grid members find conflicts and disputes such as marriage, neighborhood and debt in a timely manner, focus on the needs of the masses, and effectively get through the “last mile” of serving the masses, striving to achieve the work goals of “no conflicts handed in, no accidents, no service vacancy” and “the masses’ demands are at most in one place”.”There are cameras staring at the door, there are grid members guarding the side, even to go out to work, we also rest assured!”Pointing to “Xueliang project” installed video probe and grid member Chen Zongzhuang, demonstration area in the state street office Songmulin village committee villagers Li Wei happily said.”Basic security” to protect the “people’s security”.”Party building + One Center and Four platforms” provides more Shangqiu standards, plans and samples for the construction of a social governance community in which everyone is responsible, responsible and enjoys.Last December 7, Liang Park Procuratorate police Qiao Yuan to Fengzhuang Village xie Ji town to carry out “six hundred” visit, the village party branch secretary Yuan Zhenzeng and several villagers are “the village 180 acres of fish pond rented out, the rent can not get, fish pond collected not back” trouble.After making clear the “card” of the matter, the police suggest the village committee takes judicial approach and helps find a lawyer.With the hope of a solution, the villagers suddenly had a “backbone”.Villager Yuan mou happily say: “now good, have the comrade of the procuratorate to help us give an idea, this matter can solve!””The law is bound by what the people want, and the people’s aspiration for a better life is our goal.”In 2021, the city of political science and law system organized into the house, to know about affection, “hundred, hundred matter, and hundreds of sorrow, warm of heart,” six hundred “activities, the politics and law police go village door, listen to their opinions, we need to visit public opinion, help the masses solve the problem of” distress sorrow hope “, fully release bonus under the rule of law, with the rule of law guarantee people to live and work in peace and contentment.We vigorously promoted one-stop litigation services and online office handling, registering nearly 100,000 cases online.11, 32 remediation problem manhole covers, effectively protect the safety of the masses under the feet;More than 14,000 wechat groups have been established, covering 1.28 million people.A “green channel” for migrant workers to seek help for unpaid wages was opened, and 579 migrant workers recovered their losses of more than 7.4 million yuan through legal aid…Sing the song of endeavor, write The Times.In the New Year, the city of political science and law system to build safety construction and city as the goal, to “SanLing” created as important gripper, deepening “party + a center siping station” materialization, strive to build a higher level higher quality higher levels of peace shangqiu, shangqiu, rule of law with “q of shangqiu” condensed “shangqiu spirit”,”Shangqiu spirit” to lead the “Shangqiu for”, “Shangqiu for” to promote the high-quality development of the city’s political and legal work, for Shangqiu in the province’s “two guarantees” in the overall situation, to provide a solid legal protection, with excellent results to meet the 20th victory of the Party!

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