A new round of double first-class list was announced, and these art colleges were selected!Are you aware of these changes?

Today, the Ministry of Education issued the Notice of the Ministry of Education, The Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission on the Announcement of the List of Universities and Construction Disciplines for the second round of “Double First-class” Construction. The list includes 147 universities, 46 more than the 101 in the previous round.Among them, there are 10 art colleges and universities involved, adding 3.In this round of “double first-class” construction list, Beijing Normal University, Tongji University, southeast University have been added to the art colleges.Four major changes from the first round:1, no longer distinguish between first-class university and the first-class discipline, focus in the first round of the “construction” is the pursuit of “first-class university construction in colleges and universities” and “first-class discipline construction in colleges and universities”, the second list no longer distinguish between a first-class university construction in colleges and universities and first-class discipline construction in colleges and universities, explores to establish classification development, classification, classification, support the construction of evaluation system, as one of the key,We should guide the construction universities to focus their energy and focus on the innovation and substantial breakthrough in related fields and directions, so as to create world-class universities in a real sense.2. Peking University and Tsinghua University have the autonomy of discipline construction, expand the autonomy of construction, push down the focus of construction management, strengthen the subject consciousness and innovation power of construction universities, and create a policy and institutional environment for some universities to enter the forefront of the world.In order to carry out the autonomy expansion work steadily, the three ministries requested The State Council to grant Peking University and Tsinghua University the autonomy of discipline construction first.In the future, more colleges and universities will have the right of independent construction.Some of these universities will undergo disciplinary adjustment, while others will be warned. The discipline of philosophy will be re-evaluated in 2023, and if it fails, it will be removed from the construction scope.At the same time, it also gives other universities a warning, further illustrating that the double first-class university is no longer a title, we should do better in the construction.4. Compared with the first round, 46 new colleges and universities were added. 101 schools were announced in the first round, and 147 schools were announced in this round, among which the number of art colleges was adjusted from 7 to 10, covering four aspects of music, dance, fine arts and media.Attachment 2: Text and text from the Internet, invasive and deleted

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