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In April, everything on Shizuishan recovers and spring blossoms.Simmental and Charole beef cattle raised in Shizuishan City’s Blue ecological family farm are enjoying peach blossoms and eating grass.”What is your annual net income now?””What are your next steps?”…Recently, bai Jing, a staff member of the municipal agricultural technology promotion service Center, came to The Blue ecological family farm in Shizuishan city and talked with Du Yun, the head of the farm, to understand the development of the farm.”After the training, we will carry out tracking services from time to time. If we encounter problems such as breeding technology, we will timely provide on-site guidance to experts.Not only that, but to facilitate communication with students, we also set up a wechat exchange group to provide online guidance services.”Bai Jing said.Earlier, Du Yun has been working in the enterprise, although it is the breeding industry “layman”, but the heart has been hiding the idea of entrepreneurship.In the summer of 2016, he started his business in the pheasant farming industry.Due to lack of experience, lack of breeding technology, the initial breeding process is “crossing the river by feeling the stones”.”At that time, considering that raising chickens would be quick to market and capital would be collected quickly, I rented a space in Jianquan Farm to raise more than 500 pheasants and 10 beef cattle.But I did not expect that pheasants were small and expensive, and the market did not sell well. On the contrary, the price of the cows was stable and the market was good. So I switched from raising chickens to raising cows.Du Yun explains.With the continuous accumulation of experience, In 2019, Du Yun registered the establishment of Shizuishan City Blue Ecological Family Farm in rural land transfer of more than 50 mu.In the same year, he learned that the municipal Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center organized farmer training, so he quickly signed up. Besides learning basic theoretical knowledge, he also went to Wuzhong, Zhongwei and other places to visit and learn.That experience allowed him to re-plan his breeding road, but also strengthened the confidence to walk a good breeding road.In 2020, Du Yun, who changed his thinking of development, invested more than 1.7 million yuan in infrastructure construction such as cow shed, cow shed, straw shed and material shed.The site is large, the facilities are good, and the breeding scale has gradually developed from the initial several cows to 70 cows and 20 calves for basic breeding.”As the saying goes, a cow gives birth to a cow and has five heads in three years.You see, I raised this cow from a baby, and now she has two calves.All this benefits from the original professional training, theoretical knowledge learning to make breeding technology more solid.’Going out’ has broadened my horizon and I believe that if we continue to follow the path of scientific breeding, we will have a better future.”Du Yun pointed to a cow sunning in a cowshed.In addition to raising cattle, Du Yun has more than 160 Dorper and Suffolk sheep in a shed on a corner of the family farm.In the dolper sheep with black head and white body, the two white sheep are particularly conspicuous. In order to let the newborn lambs drink enough milk, Du Yun specially raised these two dairy sheep to serve as “wet nurses” for the lambs.”Don’t underestimate this flock, which is of high economic value because of its fast growth, high reproductive rate and large meat output.”Du yun said.In the interview, a daily grain machine attracted the reporter’s attention, breeding with “nutritious food” every day is from here “baked”.The hay, silage corn, feed and water are mixed in a scientific way, and the weight is controlled by an electronic screen on the machine.In addition, there are electric sprinklers, feed crushing mixers and so on, the mechanized operation not only saves time and effort, but also makes feeding more scientific.Now, the first thing Du yun does when he gets up in the morning is to go to the barn and the sheep barn to check the health condition of each cow by checking the excrement and wet condition of the cow’s nose, and then checking the condition of the sheep.Besides taking care of his own cattle and sheep, he also helps other farmers around him.From a factory to a farm, Du yun has transformed his identity from a worker to a farmer. By constantly learning to improve his skills, he has opened the door to becoming rich through breeding. His family farm has been awarded a four-star model family farm in 2021.Talking about the next step of development, Du yun said that we will continue to expand the scale of breeding and take a new road of development combining planting and raising.(Reporter Dong Xiangyi intern reporter Wang Zhonghua) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a wrong source or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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