Dry goods, which demand far exceeds vaccines, are two important subdivisions of COVID-19 treatment

The peak demand for booster shots of COVID-19 vaccine analyzed above has not yet arrived. Meanwhile, the research and development of therapeutic drugs is also stepping up.Therapeutic drugs are divided into small molecule drugs and Traditional Chinese medicine. Today, we will find out which core targets should be paid attention to from these two subdivision directions.Epidemic prevention and control is divided into three aspects: dynamic elimination to prevent transmission, vaccines to prevent infection, and drugs to treat.From this perspective, dynamic zeroing does not diminish the demand for vaccines and oral drugs, nor does it diminish the value of vaccines because of the advent of oral drugs.Yesterday, for the vaccine prospect analysis, as well as the need to pay attention to a few companies, did not read the friends, may wish to read, I believe that must be helpful to you.Dynamic zero clearance, COVID-19 vaccine plate and oral medicine plate, pay attention to these subdivision directions (attached shares) 1. Who are authentic domestic small molecule drugs?As you all know, Merck and Pfizer’s wonder drugs have been licensed in China. Although generic licenses have been provided to 95 countries, we are not on the 95 low income list and can only obtain the drugs through Pfizer’s regular list.Pfizer expects to produce 120m units this year, far short of demand.In terms of price, the price in the United States is 530 DOLLARS, and the domestic price is about 2300 YUAN, which is not inclusive.From the perspective of demand, there are 260 million people over the age of 60 in China, and there is a large demand gap. Therefore, relying solely on imported Pfizer oral drugs not only has the problem of high price, but also has a large gap between supply and demand. In this context, the research and development of domestically controllable small molecule drugs has become more urgent.Domestic real authentic small analysis drug manufacturers, that is, junshi biological.Junshibio: The company’s novel coronavirus small molecule oral drug VV116 was obtained EUA (moderate to severe) in Uzbekistan. Currently, international multi-center phase II/III clinical trial (mild to moderate) and international multi-center Phase III trial (moderate to severe) are being conducted simultaneously at home and abroad.VV116 is one of the leading domestic small molecule specific drugs for COVID-19.2, Chinese medicine treatment drugs, which companies to pay attention to?Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Traditional Chinese medicine has played an irreplaceable role in prevention and treatment. The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine put forward a TCM treatment plan of “three drugs and three parties” in the early stage of the epidemic.In the last two years, the therapeutic effect of “three drugs and three parties” has been verified by the market.Related companies can pay attention to listed companies involved in the “three drugs and three parties”, such as Lianhua Qingwen Capsule of Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., LTD, Xuebiqing injection of Hongri Pharmaceutical Co., LTD, Qingfei Detoxification Soup of Pien Tze Huang and Xuanfei Baidu granules of Buchang Pharmaceutical Co., LTD.With the continuous variation of novel Coronavirus, the transmission is strengthened and the symptoms are weakened, and the significant curative effect of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine in the treatment of mild cases has also been brought into play. Compared with small molecule oral drugs, traditional Chinese medicine is cheap and convenient to purchase. In the future, the market is likely to form a pattern of small molecule drugs for severe cases and traditional Chinese medicine for mild cases.Today is Monday, also is the first small holiday of this year, spring has blossomed outside, time always passes too fast.Once before the Spring Festival and once in March. This year, I seem to have done nothing but cook at home.Recently, a little anxiety, can not say the feeling, for a while to go out exercise, sweating, although no longer young, but the sun still have to have.Do not pay attention to the friends, don’t forget to like point attention.

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