Gangcha Temple, all the way scenery

Gangcha Big Temple, called “Gangcha Gongqinga Dan But Perlang” in Tibetan means “Gangcha big Temple with Xi Hong Dezhou”, originally belongs to the largest temple in Gangcha area, and is also the religious activity center in Gangcha area of Qinghai Province. It belongs to the Gelugpa Sect temple of Hualong Zhzha Temple, which was first built in 1915.The current head of the temple is the fifth Serapha Eronsung Rejiacuo.Temple is located in the north of gangcha county 25 kilometers shaliuhe town Enai village, between The German Lengbao Mountain and Deqin Wensang Mountain, Yikewulan River and Enai water confluence.The temple is built according to the mountain, the courtyard pavilion, strewn at random, biwa palace walls, pick corner cornices, just observe a big landscape.Buddhist temple building resplenent, buddhist temple collection, sculpture, murals, embroidery tools.Great Classics hall ridge totem brilliant, empty umbrella exquisite, shuanglu to run.Carved beams and huadong in the hall, the temple column embroidery wrapped, the mat horizontal shop, hundreds of Buddha statues in the niche settled among them, cigarettes wreathed, Buddha lamp long Ming, so that people suddenly increase the sense of transcendence.It is said that before this, a living Buddha of Sera Monastery in Tibet traveled to this place. At the request of thousands of local households and herdsmen, he settled the site of the monastery and promised to send an eminent monk to preside over the construction of the monastery upon his return.Later, the living Buddha went to Hualong Zhizha Temple and found a young Japanese Monk very knowledgeable, so he sent him to Gangcha to be in charge of building the temple and carrying out religious activities.The Day after the ba monks to just check, just check thousands of households and the support of the people, first established a temple, just check thousands of households La Ma Rafdan temple Lord.He himself went to Tibet Sera temple for further study, after the completion of the study returned to the Ji Fang Temple, in 1925, the ji Fang temple was rebuilt into a mud temple, named “Gang Cha Da Temple with Xi Hong Fa Zhou”.

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