Sihe Mine of Jineng Holding Coal Group: intelligent voice prompts make it safer for employees to take bus

Focusing on the development requirements of “low cost and high quality”, Sihe Mine of Jineng Holding Coal Industry Group stimulates employees’ enthusiasm for innovation and helps enterprises develop with high quality through innovative incentive mechanism.”Ring, ring, ring.””Stop ahead, please get ready to get off.”As the personnel touch the offside warning device, sihe mine overhead passenger device channel sounded a bell;At the same time, the horn came from the safety tips sound, but also to remind the station will be ready to get off the staff work……It is understood that sihe mine workers up and down the well mainly by riding overhead passenger device, the device head, tail due to the existence of electrical equipment and operating equipment, equipment operation process is prohibited from personnel access.In the daily operation of the equipment, the staff found that there were some employees who had taken seats, which led to the equipment stopping phenomenon, which brought great hidden dangers to the operation of overhead passenger devices and the safety of passengers.In order to reduce the occurrence of such phenomena, the underground mechanical and electrical team of the mine put their heads together and decided to install warning devices with sound and touch in front of the overhead passenger platform at the head and tail of the overhead passenger device.The device consists of a base, a warning rod (with a spring plastic rod, bell).The base of the offside warning device is fixed on the belt frame of the main well, the warning rod is installed horizontally on the running side of the overhead passenger device, and the length of the warning rod touching the passenger is controlled within 10CM, which can not only serve as a warning to the passenger, but also does not affect the passenger.The warning device has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and strong practicability. Through touch and sound prompt, it effectively achieves the purpose of warning passengers and eliminates the potential safety hazard caused by over-riding.And the overhead passenger device stops less times, reducing the failure rate of equipment operation.At present, the device has been used in the underground with good results.(Author/Si Lichao/Zhang Qifan)

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