Did the company drag him down again?

Did the company drag him down again?Although everyone is in the mouth when the star easy to make money, but in fact this work money is certainly earn much, but not as easy as we think, especially in the past two years by capital operation to emerge flow idol, life and work are controlled by the company in all aspects, this life is also a bitter ha ha, in this case,Occasionally do not get the shape of male artists management also is not what heinous things, after all, all the year round non-stop to make money, finally, to the company, the somebody else want to occasionally speed for food intake and final ways of relaxation, so for yourself because fat part off powder, it may itself is not anxious,Anyway, you get fat and then you lose it.Glue may is the company’s cash cow, however, for the company, is a special concern he will because of the off powder led to commercial production, business, after all, glue may find were mostly in order to cut chives, if the leek less wave, business is certainly some flesh aches, under this situation, glue brother’s brokerage firm in Ming know a clear case of action,Also crazy brother bought for glue water army, want to build a glue may not only affected by the tide off powder, also become more red false prosperity phenomenon, but now the crackdown, sure enough it was caught above, therefore, glue may now can be said to be in the case of completely didn’t do anything wrong, all of a sudden into high-risk artist brokerage firm was operating,And because his water army incident is too blatant, XL was also involved in the interview, so now, glue elder brother not only to deal with the water army, the follow-up also have to xl.Glue may really is already very red very red, and his fans have been really is very awesome very awesome, but fans can’t all be sicong, bullet bought this product, the product must be to wait, it is also understandable, to don’t understand business for money, this need brokers to help, to mediate, let them understand and make allowance for,Rather than make it as if the brokerage company does not understand the same, once a point of negative problems to think through the past, on this strange operation route, no wonder the glue brother every three or five trouble.Disclaimer: text and text from the eight diagrams mengbi fruit, the views of the article only represent the author’s views, does not represent the number of views, copyright belongs to the author all, if there is infringement, please contact deletion.

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