Minaj’s New Year’s eve outfit, Venom socks, is in full swing, and Brother Run’s eyes are shining

Those who often watch the live broadcast should be very familiar with Mina, the goddess of fighting fish. She is a super popular anchor in the dance area. She is not only good at dancing but also versatile.Recently, Minaj was invited to take part in douyu’s New Year’s TV show, Douyu. During the show, she shared the stage with PUBG hosts Running, Xiao Hai and Xiao Xin.In order to meet the needs of the audience, Douyu specially launched the Special program “Douyou Play” during the Spring Festival, inviting many famous anchors to gather for a variety show. Every day, different anchors will come on stage to play various games and challenges. Of course, benefits and programs are also indispensable.Mina and run on the night of the elder brother, the small, small new four people together on a “just dance” challenge, have to say that mina is too understand the audience, the stage clothing she wore a new war, Spain amorous feelings full costume temperament, tie-in “poison” sox boots very grab an eye, just when he won’t give the whole run elder brother, a dance talent look straight swallowed saliva,It’s the ceiling of the dance district!Not to be outdone, the three straight men took turns to challenge themselves to dance music in funny doll costumes.Although run brother, small sea three people are very desperately, each action is trying to complete, but still can not escape a mob dance ah, see the net friends bullet screen crazy brush change, after all, everyone is most concerned about the goddess Mina.Finally, after the three failed to accept the punishment, Mina in order to thank the three for their hard work and dance a dance, not only every movement is perfect score, but also aesthetic, than the reference character in the game more beautiful jump!No wonder brother Run, small sea and small new three people see crazy, especially brother run this look is too obvious, big long legs with leather pants who does not love it?Of course, the next “Dou You play” there are more exciting programs will be staged, on the evening of February 3 will be from the king of Glory area popular anchor Tomi and the curtain, Koko, Chen Ghost four people, then they will challenge Mario party game!On February 4th, there will be goddess Wang Yushan leading the challenge of fitness ring adventure, it is not difficult to foresee another eye-pleasing live broadcast, you little friends do not miss it!

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