Pinggui District Party committee united Front Work Department held a seminar on party conduct and clean government

Recently, pinggui District Party Committee united Front Work Department held a seminar on party conduct and clean government.The leading cadres of party members of the United Front Work Department of the District Committee attended the meeting, and the leaders of the discipline inspection and supervision group of the organization Department of the Discipline inspection and supervision Committee of the District Committee were invited to guide the meeting.The meeting briefed the basic situation of the case filing in Pinggui District in 2021.The meeting pointed out that individual units to do a good job of party conduct and clean government understanding is not in place, the implementation of the responsibility system enthusiasm is not high, there is a fear of difficult thought, the scope of responsibility of cadres are reluctant to point out the problems, unwilling to criticize.The meeting called on every Party member to keep the purpose firmly in mind and never forget to serve the people and the party’s cause.The meeting stressed that in 2022 in the united front system to seriously implement the the arrangement of the party central committee and party committees at all levels, continue to strengthen the party united front work of the centralized and unified leadership, accurately grasp the basic principle of united front work, clear understanding the new situation facing the united front work, further strengthen the united front consciousness, set up united front thought, grasp the united front policy, promote the united front work;We will strictly fulfill the principle of “one post and two responsibilities”, continuously improve our work style, strictly observe political discipline and rules, strictly implement the CPC Central Committee’s Eight-Point Decision on improving Party conduct and integrity, and consciously observe all regulations on improving Party conduct and integrity.We will promote the unity and integration of comprehensively and strictly governing the Party with the united Front work.Establish the efficiency consciousness of “solid work, quick work and good work”, plan and promote the united Front work of the whole region with higher standards.In order to create the national national unity and progress demonstration area to gather strength, consolidate the foundation, to make greater contributions to the construction of “district strong people rich beauty and” New pinggui, with excellent results to meet the party’s 20 victory held.Source: United Front Work Department of Pinggui District Committee Author: Liang Duoyao Editor: Lin Di Review: Tao Shengping

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